Iceland Hiking: Guide + Best Routes

Iceland waterfall

You can consider hiking in Iceland as a perfect vacation.

It’s exactly the type of trip you can see on the Discovery Channel.

What is so great and unique about hiking in Iceland?

The country has an amazing nature and can impress you with waste lava fields, magical blue lagoons, and gorgeous hot springs.

Or you can take a trip to an ice cave and later enjoy observing the Northern Lights at night.

In fact, Iceland can offer a trip that will meet any of your desires and wishes.

Want to learn more about amazing destinations in Iceland?

We’ve prepared for you the list of the best hiking spots in the country.

Wonderful house
Wonderful house

Overnight Trekking Trips

Laugavegur & Fimmvorduhals trek

Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals – it’s one of the best routes in Iceland that offers you 5 days of an unforgettable experience.

Go to see glaciers and volcanoes as well as some beautiful hot springs.

You can easily enroll in this trip from Reykjavik and take a loop in southern Iceland.

This route is not only popular among hikers from all over the world but it also has amazing views.


Golden Circle route

Another popular southern spot is the Golden Circle route that requires 5 days.

Enrolling in the route, you can enjoy such sightseeings as Gullfoss waterfall, Pingvellir National Park, and then Strokkur geyser.

In fact, it’s your opportunity to visit the most famous spots in the country.

Your journey will start in Reykjavik and spreads for more than 150 of the magnificent landscape.

Golden Circle
Golden Circle

Hesteyri to Kogur Loop

If you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy the beautiful nature of this country, consider enrolling in Hesteyri to Kogur route.

You can take your trip along the Hornstrandir Peninsula on the North-West of Iceland.

Your 3-to5-day journey will let you enjoy stunning local fjords.

Also, it’s a great opportunity to have peaceful vacations away from busy cities.

It’s absolutely worth trying.

Hesteyri to Kogur Loop
Hesteyri to Kogur Loop

Day Hikes

Mt. Esja

A one-day challenging route through Iceland landscape is a trip to My Esja not far away from Reykjavik.

It’s easy to get there and enjoy gorgeous views.

Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity to get some solid training.

Mt Esja
Mt Esja

Laugahraun Lava Field

Want to see some lava fields and get a feeling as if you are in the ‘Lord of Rings’ movie.

Just imagine having a walk through hardened lava rocks and dive into the unique atmosphere of Mt. Brennisteinsalda.


The Blue Peak

If you decide to take the Blue Peak route, you can get a feeling as if you are inside a masterpiece of art.

You can enjoy a magnificent view of colorful rocks, volcanic ash, and sparkling snow.

Just imagine this breathtaking combination of greys, greens, and browns.

Blue Peak
Blue Peak

Waterproof Everything

Going hiking through Iceland, make sure to prepare waterproof clothes and gear.

As it can be rainy there, you need to protect yourself and your stuff as well.


Osprey Backpack

Give preference to Osprey backpack as it’s really light, big and durable.

In fact, it’s an excellent choice to keep all the gear you need during your hiking through Iceland.


Of course, a map is a useful thing while hiking as you can mark some sports and routes there.

Nevertheless, it’s better to have a GPS tracker as well if you don’t want to get lost.

GPS on the phone
GPS on the phone

Winter Sleeping Bag

Iceland is a Northern country and climate there is pretty severe, especially during nights.

If you are going hiking for more than 1 day, make sure you have a warm sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag

Iceland can offer numerous routes that meet the requirements of any hiker.

There are simple one-day spots, as well as long-lasting challenging loops all over the country.

Just choose the one you like and enjoy your magical trip.

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