The Growth Prices for Travel During the Covid-19: A Cross-country Comparative Analysis

Updated On January 10, 2022
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The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

It changed the way we work, eat, and travel.

Traveling, which has been so important before the coronavirus outbreak, has now changed considerably.

During the lockdown months of 2020, the air traffic has been halted.

And, unfortunately, this still continues, although air traffic seems to be gaining momentum again.

However, the consequences of this global pandemic are still visible, and this is harming all countries.

Especially those whose economy was based on tourism are the ones that suffer the most.

Students could be the most affected by this because even though the places they could travel on a budget are still there, the prices for traveling during the COVID-19 are higher than before.

Students are just a part of the target audience of airlines and countries that are very touristic.

Traveling for business purposes was also halted and it was one of the main parts of tourism.

All in all, tourism in all countries across the globe was affected by the pandemic.

It’s clear that during the pandemic the prices hit their lowest, mainly because no one was traveling during that time.

Traveling restrictions are still in place and countries require you to present a negative COVID-19 test or the vaccine certificate.

But now as the vaccine becomes wildly available and more and more people get their shots, traveling will experience a revival.

Students Traveling

When in college, every student has to study and write his assignment.

But being a student is not only about learning and taking part in classes, but also about meeting new people and discovering new places.

Traveling on a student budget is something all youngsters are yearning for.

However, as the coronavirus pandemic is still here, the airlines and accommodation places need to respect some safety measures.

These add more to the cost of an entire trip. Prices have grown during the COVID-19 and students who are studying in this domain might need to write a comparative analysis essay on this topic.

The prices before the pandemic and during the pandemic have suffered major changes, so an analytical comparison essay could make everything clearer.

On gradesfixer, you can find many samples of essays that could give you some ideas to start with.

You need to work on an analysis qualitative or quantitative, so a few tips and tricks could help you.

Traveling in Europe

The countries that are members of the European Union and not only have been affected by the global pandemic.

Some of them, especially those which have a sea or ocean opening were basing their economy on tourism.

Well, during 2020, there was a decline in travel-related services.

And when we think about traveling, we need to consider not only the transportation.

Restaurants, clubs, hotels, museums, theaters, cinemas, and so on experienced a serious decline.

However, after that decline, during the summer months, the prices for traveling hit a high peak.

Now, when you travel, you need to follow some hygiene measures.

You need to wear a mask and wash your hands.

If you travel by plane, you will notice that not all seats are booked.

In the hotel, you will notice some physical distancing measures.

You will need to have hand sanitizer provided by them. In a restaurant, you will see that not all tables are occupied.

All these seats and tables free mean that the specific company is making less money than before.

This means that to survive and also cover the losses of the last year, the prices need to be higher.

In all countries, there was a major lockdown when everything unnecessary was closed.

Those closed businesses did not make any money during that time.

And in some countries, the government has not helped them.

Ending Note

On an ending note, it’s clear that the entire world has suffered a major decline during the global pandemic.

Especially those countries which based their economy on tourism suffered the most losses.

Not only students but also business people were traveling before the pandemic when everything was halted.

Prices for travel during COVID-19 were low, especially during the months of lockdown.

But now, as restrictions ease and the vaccination becomes wildly available to anyone, they go up.

And they could be higher than before the pandemic because, as long as physical distancing measures need to be followed, bookings cannot be 100%.

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