12 Best Flea Markets in Arkansas

Updated On October 8, 2023
Flea Market

A lot of small towns in Arkansas have become antique havens.

The state has a long history of farming and small towns, and that naturally has led to the availability of a lot of older items.

Most flea markets in the state are indoors and are heavy on antiques and collectibles.

Many small towns have converted downtown squares into antique areas with one shop after another. 

There are also a few classic outdoor markets happening.

Another thing that is unique to the state is the highway yard sale, which is when people along a highway for many miles have a group yard sale for a week or so.

Arkansas is a great place for exploring and looking for antiques.

The 12 Best Flea Markets in Arkansas

Vintage Market Days of Northwest Arkansas

Vintage Market Days of Northwest Arkansas happens just a few times a year, but it is an opportunity to find treasures you might not find anywhere else.

It is held one weekend at a time in different communities.

The next one is in October in Bentonville.

There will be barns full of antiques for sale by local people, or at least people from the Northwest Arkansas area.

Friday is an early buying event where you can get an early look and buy things before they are on sale.

Saturday and Sunday are general admission days.

There will be lots of authentic, well-used, older farm and home items for sale.


Highway 64

Highway 64 road trip is 160 miles of yard sales from Beebe to Fort Smith.

It follows close to Interstate 40 and winds through many small towns.

Along the way, for one glorious week in May, there are yard sales at every turn.

People along the route set up dales, and there are sales in the towns. 

You could put a trailer behind your car and have a road trip for the record books, stopping all along the way to look for treasures.

It is a yard sale that seems to go forever, and is like a traditional flea market in that sense, as everyone is offering whatever they have for sale.

This event has been going on for about 20 years. 


Southtown Flea Market

Southtown Flea Market in Fayetteville has a lot of books, old and new, for you to explore.

There are also some valuable old books there.

It may have more books than most flea markets, but that is just the beginning.

There are kitchen appliances, tools, antiques, new items, memorabilia, and furniture.

Used clothing is also available.

There are about 50 vendors that change their displays often.

They have a large selection of electronics, stereos, and musical instruments.

There is also a nice selection of costume jewelry and various types of home decorations.

It is a climate-controlled indoor facility that is open every day except Sunday. 


Daisies and Olives in Prairie Grove

Daisies and Olives in Prairie Grove has a great selection of “repurposed”: items that are unique.

Prairie Grove is a small town of 4,000 near the Oklahoma border in the northwest.

The shop has 50 or more vendors selling vintage housewares, furniture, clothing, jewelry, homemade crafts, and more.  

You can also find old tools and metal items that can be decorations or used to make your own decorations for your home. 

Most of what is here come from the area, so you know you are getting authentic Arkansas antiques.

It is a great place to find a gift for that person who is hard to buy because it has so many unique items.

The store also sells a lot of locally made crafts, gifts, and housewares.


Depot Antiques

Depot Antiques is just one of several flea markets – antique combination stores in the small town of Mena.

This small town has at least eight, and this one is in a depot, so it tops our list for this town.

There are some classic and valuable antiques, as well as a lot of collectibles and older things that are just fun to have.

They have primitives, furniture, collectibles, jewelry, and more.

There is some furniture from 100 years ago or more.

The store also has a lot of signage and antique advertising for sale It is located in the downtown area, and there are several more shops of this kind in the immediate area.


The Junk Ranch

A more classic flea market is the Junk Ranch in Prairie Grove.

This one happens just three or four times a year, and it is for at least a weekend each time it is open.

It is outdoors and there will be more than 200 vendors selling antiques, collectibles, electronics, and much more.

It has been going on since 2013 and has made a foothold in this part of the state.

There are ATMs on sight in case you run out of cash.

Live bands provide music.

There are several vendors selling homemade food items, and there are food trucks available for a quick meal.

Current events are set for early June, early September, and just before Christmas.  


The Antique Peddlers Mall

The Antique Peddlers Mall in Greenbrier is a huge indoor facility, 24,000 square feet, and has nearly 100 vendors.

This shop specializes in antiques and collectibles.

You could find old Coca-Cola ads extolling the virtues of cocaine, or old filling station signs.

They have antique duck callers and something of interest at every turn.

It is a bit crowded, but that is just because they have so many items for sale.

You could spend hours here wandering around looking at all the antiques.

Some antiques are of very high value, and some are just at the collectors’ level.

They have two buildings, and a porch between them with more antiques. 

It is open every day except Wednesday.


Siloam Springs Farmers Market

Siloam Springs Farmers Market has more than just fruits and vegetables on weekends. 

This small town is in the western part of the state on the Oklahoma border. 

It is a classic outdoor market.

There is a lot of food for sale, and there is some homemade food as well, such as jams and bread.

But people also bring their antiques and junk to sell, which makes it a true flea market.

They have online auctions, and you can buy things online and pick them up at the market on Saturday.

They are open on Saturdays in the downtown area from April through October. 

This market has been going on for a few years and they sometimes have 50 or so vendors.


Remember When

Remember When is an indoor flea market in the historic town of Fort Smith.

There is a focus on antiques, and there are many items here that your grandparents probably used.

It has glassware, collectibles, antiques, furniture, primitives, and other old items. 

There are also Christmas-related items available during the holiday season.  

There are old coins, antique knives, and man small items in glass cases. 

This store is on the edge of downtown and there are a lot of flea markets like this in Fort Smith.

This one has about 50 vendors and is open every day of the week. 


Midtown Vintage Market

Midtown Vintage Market in Little Rock is in a newly renovated facility of 24,000 square feet.

It has 150 dealers with booths with a wide variety of merchandise.

There are housewares, collectibles, jewelry, clothing, various kinds of art, and much more.

It is on Rodney Parham Blvd, and as the name would imply, it is located in mid-town near the downtown area. 

They have “shabby chic,” which is a fairly new term for things that are old but not quite real antiques.

There is a solid selection of memorabilia, and its focus is on older items.

It is open every day of the week and has new items arriving every day.


The Junk-Shun Barn

The Junk-Shun Barn in Harrison is a shop collectors will not want to miss.

They have more than 20,000 vinyl record albums, which is likely more than you will find in one place anywhere.

They have things like antique sewing machines, antique fishing and hunting equipment, and old signage.

They have vintage wall clocks, and maybe even a classic grandfather clock.

There are also about 50 glass showcases featuring things like pocket watches, knives, and model cars. 

This shop has 20,000 square feet and more than 50 vendors.

Harrison is another town that has a lot of antique malls and flea markets. 

The 412 Flea Market

The 412 Flea Market in Paragould is indoors but still retains that classic flea market feel.

It is on Highway 421 on the edge of town.

There are the usual antiques, but people sell general items here as well.

You might find a used washing machine in good shape, next to an antique piece of furniture. 

Paragould is a small town in the far northeast corner of the state near the Missouri border. 

This market also sells household products and snack food items. 

There are some nice antiques, but this place also has a lot of inexpensive items, both old and new.

They have been in business in Paragould for 14 years. 


The 12 Best Flea Markets in Arkansas – Summary Table

Flea MarketAddress
Vintage Market Days of Northwest Arkansas7640 SW Regional Airport Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712
Highway 64309 US-64, Wynne, AR 72396
Southtown Flea Market1585 S W Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701
Daisies and Olives in Prairie Grove129 E Buchanan St, Prairie Grove, AR 72753
Depot Antiques519 Sherwood Ave, Mena, AR 71953
The Junk Ranch11195 Centerpoint Church Rd, Prairie Grove, AR 72753
The Antique Peddlers Mall617 US-65, Greenbrier, AR 72058
Siloam Springs Farmers Market103 E Alpine St Suite 2, Siloam Springs, AR 72761-3164
Remember When5655 US-62, Mountain Home, AR 72653
Midtown Vintage Market105 N Rodney Parham Rd, Little Rock, AR 72205
The Junk-Shun Barn4242 Highway 65 South, Harrison, AR 72601
The 412 Flea Market515 E Kingshighway, Paragould, AR 72450

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best places for flea markets in Arkansas?

A few small towns have made a name for themselves by becoming antique havens.

The small town of Mena in the southwest has no less than nine flea markets that are open daily.

In Mena, there is one in an old train depot.

The town of Greenbriar, and the highway toward Conway, are also a Mecca for those that love shopping in these types of stores.

In the northeast part of the state, Jonesboro has a lot of antique stores and flea markets.

Just about any small town in the state will have at least one, and some towns have built their local economy around the idea of the flea market.

Northwest Arkansas in general also has a lot of antiques.

When is the best time to go to flea markets in Arkansas?

For outdoor markets, you can get the best items early and the best prices late in the day.

Keep in mind though, that by the end of the day, most of everything will have been picked over and a lot has been sold.

People who get their earliest have the first chance to buy, and the best items are often scooped up early.

In Arkansas, there are a lot of indoor markets, and that is a little different.

The time of day may not be as significant.

A lot of dealers move stuff into their booths over the weekend, so Mondays are a good day to look for new items.

What are the differences between outdoor and indoor flea markets in Arkansas?

Outdoor markets involve people bringing their stuff and selling it.

It is very informal.

You can easily barter with the owner and make deals.

Almost all business is done with cash.

You may also find more “junk” at outdoor sales, where people sell items they don’t want at a very low price.

At times there are many yard sales all in one place.

An indoor market is more formal, and more like a regular business.

The vendors have booths where they put their items, and the store sells them.

There is no contact between customer and dealer, and so there is no opportunity for bartering.

Indoor markets tend to focus more on antiques and collectibles.

You can often pay with a credit card or check.

You may also be charged sales tax at an indoor market.

What are the highway sales in Arkansas?

There are several sales along highways in Arkansas, perhaps more than in other states.

Communities get together and organize a sale along a certain highway.

People who live on that highway set up yard sales on that particular day.

Some may also gather at places and set up their yard sales together.

It is like a flea market that stretches down the road for many miles.

The one along Highway 64 has been going on for years and may have been one of the first ones organized.

They are usually held at the same time each year and may last for a week or two.

It is like a flea market, but you drive to the sellers instead of them coming to a central location.

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