Cost of Living in Nevada Cities: These Are the Top 5

Updated On October 6, 2023
Nevada Las Vegas at night

Nevada is a state in the Western region of the United States.

Bordered by Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, and Utah, Nevada is the 7th largest state by land area.

Nevada is regularly famous for its gambling capital – Las Vegas, or Sin City, as someones say.

But, this desert state offers much more than gambling capital.

In Nevada, you can find great job opportunities, no state income tax, and a strong economy.

The Silver state is one of the most diverse states, attracting people with different interests.

Besides, this state has natural scenic beauty.

Undoubtedly, Nevada-catching scenery will take your breath away.

The landscape features deserts, stunning mountains, impressive canyons, caves, and valleys.

In addition, there are beaches as well as deep lakes and rivers.

Nevada is also home to numerous state parks like the Red Rock Canyon and Great Basin National Park.

Lake Tahoe, another world-famous tourist attraction, is one of the deepest and purest lakes with water as crystal clear as it can get.

However, what is the actual cost of living here?

Is it true that Nevada has a reasonable cost of living?

Here’s a guide to the cost of living in this state and resolving which cities are the most expensive ones in Nevada.

The Cost of Living in Nevada

Living in Nevada is pretty affordable.

Life in Nevada’s big cities of Las Vegas and Reno can get somewhat expensive.

Anyways, most people can afford to live in the Silver State and still have a considerable amount of optional income left to spend after paying bills for housing, food, and utilities.

For example, utilities and rent costs in Nevada are lower compared to the Golden State.

So, even if the cost of living in Nevada is higher than the national average, it’s still considerably more reasonable than in California.

Housing Costs

The average home price in Nevada is slightly more than $270,000, higher than the national average of $229.600, but still relatively lower than that of other states.

Regardless, homes in wealthy areas like suburban Las Vegas are comparably expensive.

E.g., a four-bedroom house in Henderson, Nevada will likely cost $200.000 to $300.000 while the same size home would sell for significantly less in a less populated, more rural part of the state such as Pahrump.

The rent prices are also pretty affordable.

Accordingly, the cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment in Nevada is $990, compared to the US average of $1.148.

Utility Costs

Utility bills are the most expensive cost in this state.

Citizens of Nevada run their air conditioners 8 to 9 months out of the year.

That is the reason for the abnormal high utility bills.

You can expect to pay at least $100 per month to heat a single-bedroom apartment.

Furthermore, those who live in the McMansion-style homes will possibly pay several hundred dollars per month to keep their living space at a tolerable temperature.

The Top Five Expensive Cities in This State

Although we mentioned that Nevada is a state where the cost of living is not so high, there are still some cities that ruin this perception.

These cities, mentioned in the text below, are with the highest prices in Florida.

Las Vegas

Honestly, Las Vegas is the first thing you have in mind when speaking about Nevada.

Here are the most interesting facts about this city and later we will discuss the actual cost of living here.

It’s a well-known fact that it’s totally legal to gamble in Las Vegas.

The city attracts a ton of tourists excited to try their luck at the different casinos.

Moreover, the gas stations here have slot machines, just in case you want to indulge in some playing while your car is getting refueled.

Living in Las Vegas is absolutely enjoyable, but it costs a pretty penny.

Home prices in Las Vegas have exceeded the highs reached before the great recession of 2008.

However, the cost of living in Las Vegas ultimately depends on the specific location, whether you own or rent, and myriad other factors.

Live by the Las Vegas Strip, you will undoubtedly pay more for everything.

In contrast, live in North Las Vegas, and you will pay less for a home, rent, and food compared to those living in Henderson or another Las Vegas suburb.


Henderson is a city near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Due to its strategic location and excellent transportation infrastructure, Henderson is one of the most accessible cities in Nevada.

It has four major highways running through, including State Route 582, State Route 564, Interstate 215, and Interstate 515.

State Route 582 is the main thoroughfare connecting the city with Las Vegas and Boulder City.

Local transport ticket for this route is around $6, while a monthly pass for local transport is more than $65.

A ticket for gym membership per one month for one person is $30, and a cinema ticket per one person is around $14.

On the other hand, Henderson has numerous nationally known shopping establishments and small mom-and-pop stores to suit the budgets and tastes of all kinds of shoppers.

But, the prices are so high.

For example, one pair of jeans (Levis or similar) is more than $50.

Henderson is also known as a food haven.

It offers a great variety of cuisines to suit every palate, from homemade American food to exotic Thai dishes.

For one people the lunch menu is around $20-$26.

Dinner in a restaurant for two people is above $68.

The average cost of living in Henderson is $1990, which is in the top 9% of the most expensive cities in the world.


Reno is a city in the northwestern region of Nevada and is usually known as the little sister of Las Vegas.

In fact, they both have casinos, but Reno has quite a few unique spots to explore and entertain.

The average cost of living in this city is $1850, which is in the top 15% of the most expensive cities in the world.

Living in Reno is most expensive in restaurant prices, but also with transportation costs and grocery prices.

To point out, a lunch menu for one person is almost $20, while in other less expensive cities in Nevada is $12.

Dinner in a restaurant for two people can be at least $65.

Even more – a local transport ticket is enormously $5.50, and a monthly pass is around $65.

Carson City

Carson City is an independent city and the capital of Nevada.

Officially name for this city is Consolidated Municipality of Carson City.

As a capital city – it has it all.

But it also has a pretty costly price.

Housing prices for homeowners and renters in Carson City are unreasonably high.

The same goes for childcare, which leads more parents to stay home to care for the child.

As for transportation costs, we can note that it is identically the same as in Reno.


The cost of living in Paradise is similar to the national average.

Many parents and young professionals live in this city.

However, it is a great city, but the cost of living is not so inexpensive.

In Paradise, the prices for child care are the highest, compared to the other prices in other cities.

For instance, the average annual cost of child care for two children is $20,500.

Nevada Safety Overview

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