10 Cheapest Places to Live in Afghanistan

Updated On May 9, 2024

Afghanistan is a landlocked country that is sometimes referred to as the Heart of Asia.

Archaeologists believe that people lived in the country at least 50,000 years ago.

The area was inhabited by several civilizations throughout its ancient history.

Some of the groups include the Helmand, the Oxus Civilization, the Macedonians, several tribes of Iranian peoples, and the Arab Muslims.

The remnants of many of these and other groups’ historical and cultural influences remain today, despite continuing conflicts and wars over the years.

One of the primary benefits of living in Afghanistan is the low cost of living.

People who live in the country or who plan to move there likely want to know the cheapest places to live in Afghanistan.

Cheapest Places to Live in Afghanistan


1. Kabul

Kabul has been the scene of many cultural influences and the location of many conflicts.

The ancient city dates to around 1500 to 1200 BC.

The natural beauty of Kabul, which is the country’s capital, is one reason that people choose to live in the city.

It is the largest urban center in Afghanistan, and it is one of the world’s highest capitals.

The city rises to an average elevation of 5,876 feet above sea level.

Residents and visitors can see ancient statues and monuments when they are in Kabul.

The city also has palaces, gardens, and mosques.

Locals often shop for goods at the bazaars in Old Kabul.

Kabul is one of the cheapest places to live in Afghanistan.

The average monthly cost of living in the city is $567.


2. Herat

Herat is the third-largest city in Afghanistan.

The date of its first habitation is unknown, but the city is recorded in ancient texts.

The western Afghanistan city is an oasis city, thanks to the location of the city and the Hari Rud, a river that flows past Herat.

Many empires, ethnic groups, and religions have influenced Herat’s culture and history.

The location along the Silk Road also contributed to Herat being an important city.

People who live in Herat can marvel at its ancient structures and ruins.

The Gawhar Shad Madrasa and Mausoleum was designed for a queen several thousand years ago.

Jami’s Tomb was built to honor the Persian poet, Jami.

Residents can marvel at the majestic Herat Royal Palace, including some of its stunning rooms and gardens.

Herat is an affordable city to live in, with the cost of living at about $514 per month.

Lashkar Gah
Lashkar Gah

3. Lashkar Gah

Lashkar Gah is in southwestern Afghanistan.

It has traditionally been an important political center and an important trading and transit hub.

The city has a lot to offer in the way of history, culture, and affordable living.

Residents appreciate the benefit of one of the two arms of the Helmand River crossing through the city.

The area has water sports and opportunities for viewing reptiles, birds, and other species.

Large-scale developments have recently led to many Afghan residents moving closer to the city.

People who plan to move to Lashkar Gah have the benefit of living in one of the cheapest places in Afghanistan.

The cost of living for one month in Lashkargah is $484.

Mazar-e Sharif
Mazar-e Sharif

4. Mazar-e Sharif

Numbeo estimates the cost of living in Afghanistan to be around 68 percent lower than the cost of living in the U.S.

One city where the cost of living is cheaper, compared to the cost of living in the U.S., is Mazar-e Sharif, often simply referred to as Mazar.

It is the fourth-largest city in Afghanistan.

The city is important to locals because it is the site of the Blue Mosque.

The twin blue domes of the mosque portray beauty and elegance.

Visitors appreciate the flower-lined pathways and the white doves that have become a famous symbol.

The mosque is said to house the tomb of Ali, a son-in-law and cousin of the prophet Muhammad.

The average monthly cost of living in Mazar is $449, as of March 1, 2024.


5. Gardez

Archaeological discoveries in Gardez show that it is an ancient city in eastern Afghanistan.

Gardez is close to Khost and close to Ghazni. It has experienced growth in multiple sectors over the past several decades.

Residents recently saw growth in education, infrastructure development, and business.

Some attractions in the city of Gardez include the Gardez Central Mosque, the Khost-Gardez Pass, the Mira Bazaar, and the Gardez Museum.

One other attraction in Gardez is the cheap cost of living, which averages less than $450 per month.


6. Kunduz

Kunduz is the capital of Kunduz Province.

It is in northern Afghanistan, near the confluence of the Kunduz River and the Khanabad River.

The city has experienced many conflicts and has been a part of many empires since being the site of the ancient city of Drapsaka.

Some people enjoy the beauty of the rivers, while others enjoy boating, fishing, and other water activities.

The Kunduz Grand Palace, built during the 19th century, offers a glimpse into Afghan architecture, and the opportunity to see artifacts from the area’s past.

People who live in Kunduz, or those who visit the city, can take a tour of the palace and dine at the palace restaurant.

Residents have several opportunities to explore the city, which offers an affordable cost of living.

The cost of living, per month in Kunduz, is $445.


7. Pol-e-Khomri

The city of Pol-e-Khomri is the largest in Baghlin Province, which is in northern Afghanistan.

It is a popular tourist destination.

Pol-e-Khomri allows visitors and residents to see stunning examples of Afghan architecture through the ages.

It also has many sites for locals to see when they live in the city.

The Pol-e-Khomri Old Mosque is an important mosque that has intricate design and detail.

The date that it was built is not exactly known, but it is believed to date to the early 16th century.

Explore the city’s architecture in the area.

Enjoy a traditional Afghan meal.

Attend festivals in Pol-e-Khomri throughout the year, while living in this affordable city.

The average monthly cost of living in Pol-e-Khomri is $437.


8. Bamyan

The city also spelled Bamiyan, is in the central highlands, where temperatures are often colder than in other parts of Afghanistan.

Visitors and residents can see the remnants of ancient caves, forts, and Buddhist statues.

The city is recognized as having the oldest known murals created with oil paint.

Gaze at the breathtaking aquamarine color of the Bandi Amir Lakes.

Thousands of tourists visit every year, to enjoy the beauty of the waters, the local food, and crafts.

The city is known as a pioneer in educating girls, and for letting girls participate in sports.

Bamyan also had the first female governor.

Living in Bamyan is more affordable than in many other areas of Afghanistan.

Enjoy a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant for about 6.00 USD.

Rent a one-bedroom flat for about 109 USD in the city center or for about 71 USD outside the city center.

Utilities, groceries, and entertainment are also cheap, compared to the cost of these things in the U.S.


9. Khost

Khost is the largest city in southeastern Afghanistan.

Its proximity to the border with Pakistan makes it an important transportation corridor and trade city.

Khost is home to several tribes.

The mountains, the valleys, and the impressive sites in Khost are some reasons that people move to the area.

The Khost Bazaar, a main attraction, is the oldest market in the country.

Residents and tourists shop for goods from around the globe.

Live near an ancient fortress, a shrine, or close to the Great Mosque of Khost.

One other attractive feature is the low cost of living.

The monthly cost of living in Khost is $423.


10. Jalalabad

Jalalabad is the fifth-largest city in Afghanistan.

The capital of the Nangarhar Province has a history of occupation that dates to at least the 2nd century BCE.

The eastern city is known for more than the conflicts that occurred in the region.

The Mausoleum of King Amanullah Khan is a historic pilgrimage site visited by both tourists and residents.

The Tora Bora Caves are appreciated by the locals, by rock climbers, tourists, and historians.

The caves provided refuge for many groups throughout history.

They also offer stunning views.

The city has not always been a stable place to live, but it offers residents a glimpse into ancient and modern history, beautiful landscapes, and a low cost of living.

The average cost of living in Jalalabad, in USD, is $347 per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some other affordable places to live in Afghanistan?

The monthly cost of living in the northern Afghanistan city of Sheberghan is less than $450 per month.

Living in Ghazni averages about $455 per month.

What are the major monthly expenses for people who live in the cheapest cities in Afghanistan?

The most expensive monthly costs for people who live in Afghanistan’s most affordable cities include housing, utilities, and transportation.

The cost of having internet access is another major monthly expense for residents of Afghanistan.

These expenses cost far less than the same expenses in the U.S. and many other cities and countries around the world.

Are there any national parks close to the cheapest places to live in Afghanistan?

National parks are new to the country of Afghanistan.

One of the two national parks in Afghanistan is the Band-e-Amir National Park.

It is in Bamyan Province, one of the cheapest places to live in the country.

The other national park was established in 2014.

It is the Wakhan National Park, which expands to 4,200 square miles.

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