California’s Best Beaches to Go Nude

Updated On October 4, 2023
Man jumping from the rock into the water

The rules, the laws, the concerns surround us in our everyday life.

But how cool it would be to distract from prejudice, forget the rules and go absolutely nude for a while.

We know about nine beaches in California where you can get undressed among the like-minded children of nature.

Roads to the beaches are often tricky and complex, but this is precisely an indicator of privacy.

So let’s go.

1. Santa Cruz

One of the best nudist beaches in the Golden State is located in the city of Santa Cruz.

You will be free to choose a nice piece of sand just for you and enjoy the warmth of the waves with literally all your body.

The beach name sounds so cozy – Hole in the Wall.

Finding it with GPS is not difficult at all if you are driving at the Cabrillo Highway.

In case you want more details, try to reach the Panther Beach, which is a sandy cove with tide pools, and take to the south.

You will see a real hole in the wall which is actually the entrance to the destination you are looking for.

Rocky beach
Rocky beach

2. San Francisco, Red Rock

Another good nudist beach can be found in San Francisco.

The beach name is colorful and well remembered – Red Rock beach.

You can come with your friends and meet new guys and girls who share your love for nudist vacation.

The only thing that you should keep in mind is the closeness of the family beaches.

Make sure that the nudist Red Rock beach is exactly where you are.

Red Rock beach
Red Rock beach

3. San Diego

To get to the nudist beach in Californian San Diego, you should find on the map Torrey Pines Gliderport first which a great hang-gliding center.

As soon as you reach this place of destination, find a Gliderport Trail and follow it until you reach the Black’s Beach.

This sandy place for nudists is not little at all.

You can meet tens of people like you there, and join a nudist volleyball team for a match if you like.

On weekends, the beach is literally crowded with nudists playing different beach sports or surfing.

Nude women with raised arms in the sea
Nude women with raised arms in the sea

4. Encinitas

North of San Diego in California, there’s a beach city called Encinitas which means little oaks in Spanish.

The nature of the city is very attractive and picturesque.

With all those sandy beaches on the seashore, you can choose one that appeals most to you, the nudist beach called Boneyard’s Beach.

To get to the beach where you can get suntan without a swimsuit, you should navigate in the Swami’s park or go directly to the D Street Beach’s territory and then approach the Boneyard Beach.

Encinitas sunset
Encinitas sunset

5. Avila Beach

Avila Beach is the community in California where you can take your first steps in nudism.

You can go topless or get half-undressed and there will be many people just like you.

Lots of your accomplices used to get closer to nature here.

The beach name is cloak-and-dagger just like your personality – Pirate’s Cove.

This nudist area is located away from the Cave Landing Road.

Avila Beach ocean sunset
Avila Beach ocean sunset

6. San Francisco, Land’s End

He that would eat the fruit must climb the hill.

One of the most popular nudist beaches in San Francisco named Land’s End Beach can be found among the rocks.

The place is not for the shy, it’s full of nudists so newbies should think twice before getting here.

The beach is remote and GPS won’t be of much help when you are looking to get here.

El Camino del Mar will be your guideline on the way.

Look at the road signs and you will find the Land’s End Beach.

Rocky coast
Rocky coast

7. San Clemente

Old Pacific Highway in San Clemente, CA hides a perfect beach for swimming, surfing, biking, and camping.

There’s also a place for naturists on a beautiful sandy beach where you can go shameless.

The beach name is San Onofre State Beach.

Surfer in the ocean
Surfer in the ocean

8. Santa Barbara

Swimming in the buff in Santa Barbara sounds like a dream.

This is a very romantic spot for those who have always dreamt of running naked along the beach to plunge into the breezy waters of the Pacific ocean.

More Mesa Beach is the location you need to become part of the nudist ‘community’.

Dark blue and yellow sky over the ocean
Dark blue and yellow sky over the ocean

9. Sand City

Go to the shores of Monterey Bay to find the place that will amaze you the most.

Crater Beach in the Sand City offers fascinating dunes and sandy coastlines.

You can take off your clothes and move unobtrusively into the blue.

Crater Beach
Crater Beach

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  1. Hope too SEE YOU AT THE BEACH

  2. Never heard of Crater Beach in Sand City, and I live here. Please say more about that.

  3. Citations are ongoing at several of the Southern California beaches for at least 10 years.

  4. Muir Beach is really nice, quiet & clean. Go to the far west side, past the stream to enjoy nude fun and relaxation. Mixed crowd.

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