10 Safest Neighborhoods in Phoenix

Updated On December 26, 2023

In recent years, Phoenix has been attracting countless new residents in the Valley of the Sun because it’s a great place to live, provides cheaper rents than other West Coast cities, and offers more breathing space

Phoenix is a moderately safe city, with an average amount of crime but a higher level of outdoor incidences due to the heat.

Luckily, plenty of safe neighborhoods in the city are well-lit, well-patrolled, and safe for those looking to explore the area, day or night.

While in Phoenix, ignoring the summer temperatures is impossible, but you can take plenty of precautions to remain protected.

To learn more about the ten safest neighborhoods in Phoenix, keep reading!


10 Safest Neighborhoods in Phoenix

Ten: North Mountain Village

Kicking off this top ten list of safest Phoenix neighborhoods is North Mountain Village, a town comprising a solid mix of retirees, families, young professionals, singles, and students.

This neighborhood combines spacious Southwestern housing with natural outdoor beauty and city amenities.

With an incredibly reasonable median home price of $138,000 and a monthly rent price of $875, North Mountain Village also boasts a crime rate that’s 20 percent safer than the rest of Phoenix.

Nine: North Gateway

Coming in as the ninth safest neighborhood in Phoenix is North Gateway, a location west of Desert View with 17,226 residents calling the area home.

North Gateway boasts a crime rate 48 percent lower than the state average, and this is a tight-knit community, so residents watch out for one another.

With a median home price of $260,000, this neighborhood is a mostly planned community with excellent access to grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options.

Eight: Laveen

This secluded, small, and sparsely populated neighborhood is within a simple driving distance of downtown.

Laveen is within the Gila River Indian Reservation, directly under the Sierra Estrella Mountains.

As a result of its secluded location, this neighborhood boasts a crime rate that is 54 percent lower than the Arizona average.

Laveen is an excellent option if you’re searching for an area away from the Phoenix hustle and bustle but within short driving distance.

Seven: Buckeye

Another neighborhood that’s a short drive from downtown is Buckeye.

Known for its serene and quiet vibe and friendly atmosphere, Buckeye’s population has massively expanded from 6,000 to 56,000 in recent years.

This is due to the amenities, affordability, location, and a crime rate 56 percent lower than the state average.

Most crimes committed in this neighborhood are property-related, with few violent crimes ever occurring.

Six: Ahwatukee Foothills

Near Mountain Park and Preserve, Ahwatukee Foothills boasts charming Spanish architecture amongst serene and quiet natural surroundings.

The community was initially meant to be a planned retirement location. However, a crime rate that is 28 percent lower than the U.S. average and 57 percent lower than the Arizona average has piqued interest among families and young professionals.

This has resulted in an expansion of the neighborhood, with new businesses popping up around the area.

Five: Deer Valley

Nestled between Desert View and Paradise Valley, Deer Valley boasts an incredibly low crime rate, 66 percent lower than the state average.

In addition to its excellent crime rate, the neighborhood offers easy access to Cave Buttes Recreational Area, home to some of the city’s best trails.

Deer Valley has countless shopping and entertainment options, like Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and the Norterra Shopping Mall.

The residents of this wonderful community trend towards being older, with 20 percent over 55 years of age.

Four: Desert View

Desert View is situated in one of the lushest areas of the city, with plenty of scenic desert views.

The crime rate in this area is an impressive 69 percent lower than the Arizona average, with violent crimes rarely occurring.

As a result, Desert View is the ideal location to start and raise a family, with plenty of parks and green spaces, offering excellent outdoor recreational activities and easy access to downtown Phoenix for commuters.

Three: Gilbert

Coming in at number three is Gilbert, a neighborhood with a crime rate falling 70 percent below the national average.

Dubbed the “second saintliest city in the country,” Gilbert holds to its nickname by offering a mix of affordability and quiet suburban-style living.

The community is also highly educated, with 92 percent of residents holding at least a high school diploma.

Gilbert is an affordable and safe place to live, making it a wonderful place for retirees, young professionals, and families.

Two: North Phoenix

As the second safest Phoenix neighborhood, North Phoenix is known for its quiet and relaxed atmosphere, with a crime rate 81 percent lower than the state average.

This serene neighborhood is relatively affluent and has a median home price of $391,000.

This community is an excellent place for those looking to start a family and who want plenty of space.

One: Paradise Valley

Coming in as the number one safest neighborhood in Phoenix is Paradise Valley, which is also the wealthiest area in the state.

Called the Beverley Hills of Arizona, Paradise Valley had only three violent crimes in 2018, with all other reported crimes being property-related.

In addition to its excellent safety rating, Paradise Valley has amazing horseback riding and parks with extensive hiking trails and plenty of excellent eating and shopping options.


5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Phoenix

When visiting Phoenix, it’s important to follow these safety tips:

One: Bring the Proper Gear

Since Phoenix is in the desert, it experiences extreme temperatures, especially in the summer.

The daytime highs can reach the triple digits with the sun beating down on unprepared visitors.

In the winter, the nighttime lows can dip below freezing, which catches many off-guard since the daytime temperatures are mild.

Therefore, if you’re visiting the summer, pack plenty of sunscreen and protective gear.

Ensure your suitcase has long pants, sweaters, and other winter items to protect from the cold in winter.

Two: Register With the Park Ranger When Hiking or Camping

Thousands of people across the U.S. get lost and never return when camping and hiking.

The desert is a beautiful but unforgiving place where hikers can easily become lost, injured, or worse.

Therefore, register with the local park ranger’s office before venturing on a hike or camping away from the city.

They will ask for your information, the duration of your stay, and your planned route.

This way, if you don’t check in upon return, they know where in the park to look.

Three: Listen to Smog Alerts

Since Phoenix sits in the middle of the Valley of the Sun and has a year-round arid climate with a growing population, smog can sit above the city and linger, trapped in the valley.

On sweltering days when the pollen counts are high, Phoenix will receive smog alerts that those with respiratory and breathing issues should heed.

If you have asthma or other respiratory challenges, the best action is to remain indoors and utilize an air purifier.

Four: Avoid Dimly Lit Areas

Unfortunately, like many other cities, Phoenix has a drug problem, specifically methamphetamine.

Many addicts will try to mug or rob you to purchase more drugs, but this doesn’t occur out in the open on busy streets.

Instead, if you wander to an abandoned or dimly lit area of the city, you could put yourself in potential danger.

The best action is to turn around and quickly but calmly walk back in the direction you came from to avoid any problems.

Five: Keep Your Wallet in Your Front Pocket

When visiting crowded touristy areas, sporting events, or riding on mass transit, you must be aware of your belongings, as pickpockets target those with easy-to-snatch items.

For instance, keeping your wallet and phone in your back pocket is easy to grab without noticing.

Therefore, it’s important to keep these items in your front pockets where it’s more difficult to lift them.

Phoenix Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

What town has the lowest crime rate in the state?

With a crime rate of only 355 incidences per 100,000 people, Florence, Arizona, is the safest city in the state.

Located in the exurbs of Phoenix, too far to commute daily, Florence boasts a population of around 26,700.

Is Downtown Phoenix safe?

Downtown Phoenix is perfectly safe to walk around day or night, commensurate with most other U.S. cities.

Historically, downtown was a ghost town after 5 PM; however, with the two stadiums in the neighborhood, plenty of bars and restaurants have popped up to keep sports crowds happy.

Also, more residences have been developed downtown, so additional businesses are opening to serve these locals.

Is Scottsdale safe at night for solo female travelers?

Scottsdale is a nightlife hub with plenty of well-lit areas and people walking around late into the evening.

This vibrancy helps increase safety levels for all traveler types.

As a solo female traveler, you must constantly watch your drink and only accept drinks from strangers if you see the bartender make it in front of you.

Also, it’s essential to stay alert and remain in the populated areas of Scottsdale.

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