10 Safest Cities in Algeria

Updated On October 10, 2023

Algeria is a country that is often chosen by visitors that are looking to learn more about the history and local culture.

Most know this country for its ruins but many love to explore the vast spaces that the Sahara Desert has to offer.

While visitors are sure to read a number of safety warnings before they come to Algeria, there is now a greater security presence in the regions that are frequented by tourists.

These warnings may need to be heeded but they become less of a concern if you are sticking to the safer cities that the nation has to offer.

That’s where this handy guide comes into play.

Be sure to read on and learn more about these cities and the fun that you can have while remaining safe.

10 Safest Cities in Algeria

Taghit, Algeria
Taghit, Algeria


Taghit is one of the most picturesque locations that Algeria has to offer.

This is a common town for tourists to visit, as many visitors find themselves enamored with the Neolithic rock engravings that can be found here.

This is not all that Taghit has for visitors to see, either.

There is no shortage of palm groves and sand dunes for visitors to take a closer look at.

The zawiya and old ksar are tourist attractions as well.

Travelers also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there is a three-star hotel on hand for them to stay at.

Annaba, Algeria
Annaba, Algeria


The superb architecture that can be found in the city of Annaba makes it a popular pit stop for those who find themselves in Algeria.

Its close proximity to fresh water is another common reason for visitors to stop by.

Its natural beauty is only matched by its overall importance.

The majority of the country’s mineral exporting takes place here, making it a safe location for visitors.

The culture and history that is on display here are well worth taking the time to investigate.

It has earned a reputation for itself as an idyllic haven by the sea, with white tropical sands and a lack of violence that has plagued other locations in Algeria.

The beauty of the coastline is only matched by the elegance of the infrastructure.

Algiers, Algeria
Algiers, Algeria


No list of this nature would be complete without the inclusion of the nation’s capital city.

Algiers is home to some of the most beautiful mosques in the world, making it a hugely popular tourist destination.

The Great Mosque of Algiers is located here and it is the third-largest mosque in the world.

It’s a modern city with rare beauty, as the eye-catching architectural contrasts are sure to amaze.

The French-built boulevards are wide, the villas are elegant and there is no shortage of safe locations to spend time in.

Once you have had the chance to check out the stunning bay of Algiers, you won’t be able to believe your eyes.

Before you can make it there, you will have the privilege of navigating the labyrinth streets that will direct you to this location.

Batna, Algeria
Batna, Algeria


Those who appreciate mountain topography will often head to Batna, as it serves as an extension of the Moroccan Atlas mountains.

Sahara Desert visitors love Batna as well and the city lies just north of its auspicious beginnings.

The city was once known as a French military fortress.

While it is no longer utilized for these purposes, it remains a very safe location for residents and visitors alike.

In modern times, Batna is proud to serve as an agricultural hub for the region, as well as the main market center.

The city’s natural beauty only serves to add to the ambiance and there is a wide range of bustling cultural centers for visitors to check out.

Many visitors love to take a closer look at all of the cinemas that Batna has to offer.

Oran, Algeria
Oran, Algeria


A great choice for visitors that enjoy a more animated pace, Oran has its own unique story to tell, while remaining safe for the modern-day traveler.

This lively port city is an endless source of fascination for visitors and rightfully so.

If you do not wish to spend a great deal of time in the bustling city streets, the idyllic bay can offer a much-needed respite.

North African musical movement raj began here, making it a great sport for music buffs.

Meanwhile, the history buffs who visit Oran love to learn more about the city’s French and Spanish past.

There is an old city, a new city, and a waterfront, all of which boast their own unique charm.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see various architectural landmarks.

Djanet, Algeria
Djanet, Algeria


Djanet is known to many as an alternative location, delivering a unique experience for Algeria visitors.

It is compared favorably to British seaside towns and offers a similar level of safety.

If you would like to spend time in a location that is securely tucked in the mountains, Djanet is the way to go.

There is a town center that provides all of the necessities so that additional travel is not required for anyone who is looking to kick their feet up for a few days.

Tourists will find that Djanet is particularly enjoyable on the weekends, as this is when the city truly comes to life.

The nearby national park is a common gathering spot for visitors, as they look to check out the amazing collection of rock paintings that can be found there.

Tourists looking to meet up with like-minded individuals love to spend time here.

Timimoun, Algeria
Timimoun, Algeria


Visitors who are in search of a safe desert oasis will often choose to spend time in Timimoun.

There is a much-needed salt lake here, in addition to the sand dunes and palm groves.

This town is an enchanting one and the sand dunes make for an even cooler backdrop.

While the town may be small, there is no shortage of history packed into this location.

There are all sorts of foreign influences here for visitors to learn more about as well.

The late abolition of slavery means that there is a strong African influence and the French influence is also more than evident.

The history, culture, and aesthetic appeal make this town a no-brainer to add to your Algeria bucket list.

Tlmecen, Algeria
Tlmecen, Algeria


Fans of music and the arts flock to Tlemcen, for good reason.

It exists as a melting pot for various artistic and musical styles, with plenty of examples of its Berber and Arab-Andalusian heritage.

This is especially true when you have the chance to check out all of the handicrafts and textiles.

The local mosque stands as one of the most interesting pieces of architecture that the city has on display.

The city is also home to one of the oldest and best-preserved Almoravid buildings in the entire country.

The artisan charm is enhanced by the idyllic location, nestled within the majestic mountains.

Ghardaia, Algeria
Ghardaia, Algeria


Existing as a part of pentapolis, Ghardaia is a hilltop city that was constructed in the M’Zab valley nearly one thousand years ago.

Date production and rug manufacturing take place here, creating a truly enchanting experience for visitors.

There are three different walled sectors for visitors to take a closer look at as well.

The historic center of the town contains one of the more beautiful mosques in all of Algeria and it is easy to see why people speak so highly of Ghardaia.

None other than French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir referred to this location as “a cubist painting beautifully constructed”.

Constantine, Algeria
Constantine, Algeria


The north views this city as a great symbol of pride.

It has remained protected by a deep gorge around a rock outcrop, making it into a natural fortress.

The cultural, political, and economic significance cannot be understated here.

These elements all come together to provide Constantine with a very enchanting ambiance and it is one of the more cosmopolitan and modern locations in Algeria.

That does not mean that it has lost its sense of fantasy.

The thriving Arab-Andalusian music scene that is present here offers visitors yet another opportunity to embrace the enchantment Constantine is known for.

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Algeria

1. Avoid Dark Streets

Pickpocketing is more common after dark, so avoid carrying valuables once the sun has gone down.

Isolated spots and deserted beach areas should be avoided as well.

2. Don’t Display Wealth

Expensive jewelry, flashy cameras, and loud clothing are not recommended.

Thieves will watch closely and strike when it is least expected.

3. Keep Car Doors Locked and Windows Up

Thieves are most likely to strike when they believe that the coast is clear.

Do not give them an easy opportunity by leaving car doors unlocked and/or having the windows down.

4. Only Rely on Licensed Tour Guides

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Do not give any money to a tour guide that you meet on the street.

If you wish to go on a tour, organize one through the hotel.

The people stationed outside of the hotel claiming to be tour guides are usually lying.

5. Be Judicious With Your Photography

Police stations, military installations, government buildings, and airports should not be photographed.

These locations also take their safety seriously and you may find yourself in hot water if you disobey these rules.

Algeria Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe Is Algeria, On The Whole?

Terrorism is commonly discussed in the context of Algerian tourism but for visitors, kidnappings are the bigger issue.

To remain safe, avoid northern Mali, Niger, Western Sahara, and Mauritania.

What About Natural Disasters?

Algerian visitors should not be at risk for natural disasters.

Be sure to do your research before arrival, so you can avoid the areas most susceptible to extreme flooding.

Northern Algeria can be problematic because it is located in a zone that is seismically active.

When’s The Best Time To Visit Algeria?

The months of March, October, and November are best.

This is when the days are sunny, yet cool.

Winter months may also work well, even if the temperatures in the desert tend to dip at night.

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