5 Best RV Power Cords

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Conntek 14345Conntek 14345
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NU-Cord 94552ENU-Cord 94552E
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Mophorn Extension CordMophorn Extension Cord
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Camco Extension CordCamco Extension Cord
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HappyBuy Extension CordHappyBuy Extension Cord
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Power cord deals with the power system of your RV, so it isn’t a purchase that you take for granted.

You need to play safe with it.

Choosing the appropriate cord simplifies a lot, a make you don’t worry about the power supply while RVing.

Extension cord is just as important.

Here are the best deals you can find for RV extension power cords.


Conntek 14345

Conntek 14345
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Conntek offers great value for the money.

It is a high-quality cable that comes with a 6” ROJ extension.

Therefore, it keeps the length of 25 feet, while giving you more freedom to move the wiring.

It runs 30 amps, and the construction of the cable is tough and resilient.

So, casing is very thick, which can affect the maneuverability of the cable.


  • Include 6” ROJ extension
  • Durable and reliable


  • Thick casing
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Overall, I don’t mind maneuverability trouble as long as I get reliable and durable cable.

The Conntek power cord is the meets all my needs and preferences for my RV.

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NU-Cord 94552E

NU-Cord 94552E
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NU power cord comes with a one-year warranty for the 25-feet extension cord.

It has rigid plastic construction that will last you for years.

The cord supports 50 amps of power for the 125/250V system.

It is versatile, can be used with Tesla cars, and has 1” diameter.

Therefore, it is quite easy to store.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Works with electric cars
  • Durable


  • Casing should be sturdier
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

I recommend this NU extension cord.

It guarantees the flawless performance of the years.

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Mophorn Extension Cord

Mophorn Extension Cord
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RVing gives you a lot of freedom, so you can go anywhere, anytime, even during winter conditions.

The Mophorn cord is reliable extension in all weather conditions, it won’t get too rigid or stiff.

It works with an installed system and comes 50 feet in length for a 50 amps system.

Compared to some other cords, this one has a slightly shorter lifespan.

The cord comes with 1-year warranty.


  • Suitable for extreme conditions
  • Flexible cord
  • Plastic casing


  • Not as durable as some other cords
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Mophorn cable has a slight tinner casing, then some other cords on the list.

But, don’t be a disappointment – the casing actually helps the cord to adjust to different climates and work every time you need it.

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Camco Extension Cord

Camco Extension Cord
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Camco is a trustworthy brand, and I am sure most experienced RV owners still reach for Camco cords.

The extension cord is available for 30 and 50 amps designs and comes in lots of sizes.

Also, it allows you to include locks or end caps.

The cable has 100% wiring and plastic ends with an easy to grip handle.

It ensures a straightforward connection, but the cord doesn’t support 2350 volt appliances.


  • Includes male and female adapter
  • 100% copper wiring


  • Doesn’t support 2350 appliances
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Whether you need a 30 or 50 amps cord, Camco is your way to go.

The product is also budget-friendly.

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HappyBuy Extension Cord

HappyBuy Extension Cord
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HappyBuy extension cors id the last on the list but offer medium quality and durability.

It has a rubber casing with 100% copper wiring.

The casing is thick, so the cord retains the shape for a long.

However, if you are using it in cold weather, you may expect troubles with maneuverability.

The cable supports 50 amps of power.


  • Durable casing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Convenient length


  • Poor customer service
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

I like the HappyBuy extension cord, as it offers excellent length for the money.

The total length of the cord is 36 feet, which is excellent for most stations.

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Buying Guide

Choosing the right cord means that you are utilizing electricity at a more efficient rate and that the risk of damage is lower.

If you are thinking that a cord is just a cord, you are wrong.

There are things that you need to know before you purchase your RV cord, that can improve your experience.

Let me share some important things about RV power cords that will make you second guess whether it is time to change the cord.

What is RV Power Cord?

The internal RV system that runs on 12V batteries needs to be recharged.

The process is similar to charging the phone but more complicated than that.

The RV power cord connects to the electrical panel via three internal cords and goes through the exterior cap.

The cord transfer electricity and has either plastic, PVC, or rubber casing to stop the electricity flow.

The inside of the cable – wiring should be made from 100% copper.

Copper improves the electricity flow and shortens the charging time, as well as reduces the risk of electrical surges.

An electrical surge can destroy your cable, so the copper will handle the excess voltage and balance the flow.

The Difference between RV Power Cord and Standard Utility Power Cords

A standard utility, 120V cord for dryers and electric stoves won’t work with your RV.

A standard cord cannot handle 125V to 250V systems, which is required in RV.

Bare ends of the standard cords aren’t designed to work with RV.

Even if you adapt the cord, it may not work and can be dangerous.

RV cords carry 30 or 50 amps of power.

The male end is similar to the cable you can see around your dryer, but the internal wiring is very different.

Moreover, standard cords cannot handle the amperage RV cord can.

Don’t even try to hook standard cords in RV, rather pick specialized cord manufactured specifically for RVs.

RV Power Cords VS Extension Cords

People can also mix RV cords with extension cords.

Extension cord only improves reach to outlets and is easy to tell which is male and which is female ends.

So, an extension cord doesn’t have the port that connects to the power course of your RV.

RV Power Cord Types

Four main cables of RV plugs are available.

Before you decide which one to get, gather more information about your RV power system.

30 AMP Plug

You can recognize 30 amp plugs easily because the male end has a triangular three-prong end.

These cables are designed for a 30 amp system and have an output of 3.600 watts of power.

They are usually suited for smaller RVs, from 21-inch to 26-inch models.

Compared to 50-amps cords, these are more affordable.

50 Amp Plug

The difference between 30 and 50 amps cables is in the quadrille prong system in the latter type.

They work with an RV with 50 amps, which are models larger than 31 inches.

The 50-amps cords have greater power consumption and can run three times more than 50 amps – 12.000 watts.

They are more expensive and have 100% copper wiring.

Dog Bone Adapter

A dog bone adapter allows you to charge a 50 amp unit at a 30 amp station and vice versa.

It is highly practical when you are on the road.

However, these adapters increase the risk of the surge and electrical shocks.

Therefore, you should pick a quality dog bone adapter to prevent injuries.

Luckily, the quality adapters come in the range from $10 to $20.

They can be from 1′ to 6′ long.

Hockey Puck Adapter

Hockey puck adapters are similar to dog-bone adapters.

All you have to do is plug the cable in it and you will get a few inches of plastic with a male end.

UL-Approval Rating

UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories and refers to being safe in all outlets in the US.

The ratings follow ANSI/UL 484 industry standards used for air conditioners.

C-UL Approval Rating

C-UL is specified for the Canadian market.

It is similar to UL-rating but works in compliance with Canadian industry standards.

Therefore, don’t overlook the rating if you want your cable to work in your country.

The Length of The RV Power Cord

In the past, people needed 75′ to 100′ cords, because campgrounds had inaccessible charging stations.

Nowadays, charging is much simpler and drivers can park very close to the station.

Because you can still run into the old campground, I recommend getting a base cord of 25′ and 5′ of extension.

It won’t take much storage space, but it will work for the majority of stations.

Replacing RV Power Cord

Don’t rely on YouTube videos telling you that you need to replace the exterior cap to install a new power cord.

The process isn’t that complex.

First of all, turn off the power, and disconnect the cable from RV electrical box.

Disconnect three cables, and remove them from a slot.

Then pull the cord out.

You can remove the cap and put adhesive after you finish replacing the cable, but it is really up to you.

Next, run the cable through the conduit, plug all ends into their proper slots.

Lock every wire in place and test the cable.

Ensure it is tightly connected.

Things to Look for in RV Power Cords

A few things determine whether the cord is appropriate for you or not.

Let’s go through the most important things to keep in mind when looking for an RV power cord.

RV Power consumption

Check the amperage on your RV TV, roof Vent and determine how much power is running when they are on.

Also, remember that the more passenger your drive, the faster you will consume energy.

A copper wire cord ensures fast charging of the completely drained battery.

Existing Power Cord

If you aren’t sure which cord to get, analyze the current cord you are using.

Make sure to determine whether you need 50 amps or 30 amps cord.

Check the wiring.

If your current cord has cord wiring and you go for something else, expect slower charging and vice versa.

The Frequency of Connecting to Power Grid

If you connect several times per week, you need a quality and reliable, copper RV power cable of a 50 amp system, if your RV supports it.

That way you will get fast charging which will save you a lot of time.

The Camping Timing

Do you ride during the night or do you like morning rides?

Traveling by night mitigates electrical use.

Remember, if you are traveling in the holiday season, you can expect to wait a bit on the power charging stations.

With a copper cable, you will charge faster, and you can continue with the trip.

Don’t forget to get the cable long enough to reach old-fashioned stations.


You don’t know where you would be parked and how long cable you’ll need.

The extension cord comes in the spotlight.

It will ensure more hours on the road and makes charging simpler.

Several brands, such as Conntek, Nu-Cord, and Mophorn offer great cords that support 30 and 50 amps power systems.

Which model would you choose?

Have you tried any of the models from the list?

Best Overall Choice

Conntek 14345

Best overall choice: Conntek 14345 See on Amazon

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