5 Best RV Leveling Blocks

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Andersen Hitches 3604Andersen Hitches 3604
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Beech Lane BL-105Beech Lane BL-105
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Bunkerwall BW4203Bunkerwall BW4203
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Camco 44505Camco 44505
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TRI-LYNX 00015TRI-LYNX 00015
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Preparing a meal in your RV kitchen can be messy because you can easily drop things.

To avoid chasing the fork to the end of the room, make sure that the floor is leveled.

You can easily do it with a practical leveling block system!

Here is the selection of the best leveling blocks for your RV.


Andersen Hitches 3604

Andersen Hitches 3604
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The Andersen leveling blocks created the most advanced system for leveling RVs.

These blocks can hold up to 30.000 pounds.

But, ensure that you are within 4” diameter allotment.

It is easy to set them up, and these feet wheel size of 32 inches.


  • ABS plastic construction
  • Easy to set up
  • 5 min installation


  • Smooth plastic
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

These Andersen leveling blocks are suitable for one user installation.

The setup doesn’t last more than 5 minutes, and the measurement circles are a great feature.

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Beech Lane BL-105

Beech Lane BL-105
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The Beech sliding blocks are made from polymer and can hold 35.000 pounds.

Your purchase includes a traction pad for even easier use.

The blocks are similar to Andersen blocks and can be easily set up in five minutes.

Another great thing is that the warranty covers small levelers modifications, which is quite impressive.


  • Easy to set
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Measurements are visible on the side


  • The mat isn’t very durable
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

I believe you’ll be happy with these levelers because of the ease of use and durability.

The warranty is just an additional benefit!

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Bunkerwall BW4203

Bunkerwall BW4203
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The maximum weight per axle of these Bunkerwall blocks is 10.000 pounds.

They are simple and lightweight, so the blocks won’t take much storage space while driving.

You can level your RV three ways and the color-coding makes them simple to use.

Also, the blocks are super affordable.


  • Can be installed by one person
  • Offer three leveling options


  • Lack UV protection
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Even though these blocks cannot hold too much weight, and don’t have UV protection, they made it on the list.

It is because of optimal performance and simple use.

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Camco 44505

Camco 44505
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Camco is a well-known RV equipment brand so it covers most issues RVers experience.

These blocks are made from UV-Resistant ABS plastic.

The blocks are durable, but not as easy to use as some previous models on the list.

You can create small pyramids to effectively hoist the RV on them and get the height you want.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Comes with zippered storage bag


  • Limited weight range
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Camco leveling blocks won’t sink into the wet ground that easily.

If you have a compact RV, you can try them.

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TRI-LYNX 00015

TRI-LYNX 00015
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The Tri-Lynx set of levelers can hold an impressive 40.000 pounds of weight.

It comes with ten blocks per pack to help you lever your RV in different ways.

The set is easy to use and comes with a 10-year warranty on each block.

Therefore, the blocks might be the last on the least, but they are a great choice for big RVs and heavyweight.


  • Comes in a nylon storage bag
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy to customize


  • Might not be the best choice for gravel
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Tri-Lynx levelers ensure excellent value for the money.

You get substantial weight resistance and a ten-year warranty for durability.

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Buying Guide

The proper RV’s position is more than a matter of preference.

When your RV isn’t leveled, it can mess up with the refrigerator, toilet flush and cause discomfort during everyday activities in your RV.

It is easy to drop the fifth wheel and hoop up the power cord, but try to get the perfect level in a short time.

That is when leveling blocks come into the spotlight!

Leveling Block Benefits

Let’s go briefly through the most important benefits of leveling blocks!

Obtaining Your Gravity Center

If you spend an entire week walking on uneven surfaces, your gravity center will be affected.

After a week or two, you’ll become more clumsy and knock onto the things, trip and bump into everything.

Don’t mix natural clumsiness with an unleveled RV!

Comfortable Sleep

When you lay flat at home, it helps you sleep better.

It is especially important for the kids because they can roll over the bed if the RV isn’t level.

No Storage Issues

If your RV isn’t leveled your compact storage space is limited because things inside can roll and spill.

When RV is level, you don’t have to worry about things dropping out from the kitchen cabinets as soon as you open them.

Unlevel RV and Refrigerator Function

The coolant used in refrigerators needs to settle.

It is especially important in the first 24 hours before plugging it on.

When the coolant isn’t level, it can cause refrigerator malfunction.

Therefore, it is important to level your RV to prevent refrigerator damage.

A few degrees won’t mess up with the fridge, but unlevel RV often has severe tilts at seven degrees and higher.

Manual Leveling Block

Manual leveling blocks are easy to use and store, they make sure the wheels are in place and come with fewer risks than X-chocks.

Most manual blocks can hold more weight than necessary.

Why Skip DIY Leveling Blocks?

Some people use pressure-treated wood or cinder blocks, but those come with risks.

The DIY blocks are tested for pressure and massive weight, which can cause some unpredictable situations.

Buying a decent leveling block ensures good performance and doesn’t include the time you have to invest in making the DIY block.

These are safer and easier to use.

How to Set Up Leveling Block?

Here is the best way to set up your RV with leveling blocks.

Pick the spot as level as possible.

The more level the parking spot is, the easier the job you’ll have to complete.

If it’s possible, you can use a shovel to level the ground.

But, set the parking brake and turn off the engine of your RV while doing the rest of the steps.

One more thing, don’t forget to adjust your solar panels, if you have any, to let them absorb the maximum amount of energy.

Use the right jack to start.

Back up the fifth wheel and inspect.

Level it with the jack, so continue and put the block into their place to match.

It is the easiest method because jack will do the most challenging part of the job.

If the RV is leaning toward one side, you’ll have to start over and pick a bit more level spot, to begin with.

Put the blocks on their spots, and safely unhitch the trailer.

Check the instruction to move the blocks.

If you use the automatic jack, you will able to finish the tasks without any help!

Features to Look For When Buying Leveling Block

Here are the main things to look for and analyze when buying leveling block for your RV.

RV Wheel Size

First of all, make sure to know what size your wheels are to determine which block fits your vehicle.

Don’t choose smaller wheel frame leveling blocks, to wedge them under the tire.

The leveling blocks need to be an exact match for your wheel, so choose wisely.


The material determines the durability of the block.

Steel or ABS plastic are safe choices.

Those will hold a total weight of RV, passengers, luggage and belonging.

Also, make sure to stay under 80% of leveling block weight capacity for optimal use.

Average Camping Spot

Think about places where you usually park.

For example, if you park in the ground, the blocks need to contour to the common sites.


Besides material, other things also can help you choose the most durable block.

For example, choose the block with high weight capacity so you can fit into 80% of the total weight recommended.

If you do so, your leveling block can exceed its three-year lifespan.


It is time to toss your DIY leveling blocks and pick the professional products.

Get on your level and enjoy your stationary time without gravity issues.

Less time spent leveling RV means more time spend enjoying!

What do you think about my list?

Have you tried products from it and how did they perform?

Best Overall Choice

Andersen Hitches 3604

Best overall choice: Andersen Hitches 3604 See on Amazon

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