16 Pros and Cons of Living in Australia

Updated On October 9, 2023

Australia is undoubtedly among the best places to live in the world.

Australia is a dream place to live from its growing economy, which comes with many opportunities, to its beauty and aesthetic. 

Most people in Australia will agree that the advantages of living there outweigh the disadvantages.

But as much as this is the case, you need to make a sound individual decision.

Therefore, read on to learn about the pros and cons of living in Australia.

Perth, Australia
Perth, Australia

Pros Of Living in Australia

Australia has been regarded in many instances as one of the best places to live in the world.

According to the World Population Review 2022, it was ranked the 8th best country in the world for quality of life.

So let us explore deeper what will attract you to this country.

1. Outstanding Healthcare System

Australia’s healthcare system is one of the many pros for choosing Australia as your place of residence, as there is universal healthcare.

In addition, it has highly trained and regulated healthcare providers, ranking it among the best in the world when it comes to healthcare services.

The health care system is funded through the Medicare program.

The Medicare program covers all Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Additionally, it provides them with affordable services and extra coverage for special groups like veterans.

2. High Living Standards

The Australian economy is highly developed, thus making it an excellent place to live and work.

It offers top-notch job prospects.

Employees are paid very high salaries, ensuring they live a quality and comfortable life.

The high living standard may be attributed to the low crime rate, high average wages, and excellent government systems.

3. Climate and Nature

The diverse climate in Australia will leave you in awe.

It has rainforests, deserts, mountains, and beaches, among other sceneries.

This diversity means you can find a region that will suit your climatic preferences and tastes.

For those who love sunshine, Australia has more than 3000 hours of sunshine a year which is terrific.

It also prides itself on having natural resources that include coal, gold, and iron, among other valuable resources.

Australia has a large land mass of 7.692 million square kilometers, which provides a home to numerous wildlife species like kangaroos, dingos, and platypus.

Interestingly, more than 80 percent of mammals, reptiles, and frogs are only found in Australia.

4. Immigration Opportunities and a Multicultural Environment

Australia is among the top countries in the world with the highest immigration rate.

As a result, it has been a welcoming home for immigrants from all over the world.

Reasons for migrating may vary from seeking quality education to occupying workforce opportunities.

Whichever your reason is, Australia may be the best choice for you.

Let’s explore the reasons below.

  • Australia has a multicultural environment that readily accepts, accommodates, and is friendly to immigrants.
  • It has high-quality food and restaurants for those looking for a lifestyle.
  • Accommodation is quite affordable in most cities, like Perth.
  • There is freedom of choice and respect for everyone.
  • It also boasts of a strong employment market.
  • One can get permanent residency after living for at least four years and passing the citizenship test.

5. Education System

The education system in Australia is high quality.

It is also regarded as one of the best for domestic and international students.

Its key features include qualified trainers, a comprehensive curriculum, and a high-quality education delivery.

In addition, citizens and permanent residents can access free education from a government school.

Australia has seven of the top universities in the world, making it an ideal place for one to acquire an education.

The government also sets aside approximately $200 million from its budget, which is used for scholarships for local and international students.

6. A Low Crime Rate

Australia has low crime rates, making it an ideal place to live.

However, as reported by the Global Peace Index, an annual ranking to determine which countries are the safest, Australia was ranked 13th out of 163 countries for the year 2020.

Its cities like Sydney and Melbourne have been ranked as 4th and 8th safest cities in the world in the Safe Cities Index 2021 by the Economic Intelligence Unit.

7. Different Work Visas

Australia offers different types of visas for which an individual can be eligible.

Family visas are possible when you are married, plan to marry, or are in a committed relationship with an Australian citizen.

Your spouse needs to guarantee that he will be your sponsor and will support you for two years.

Others include skilled immigrant visas, business visas, student visas, and temporary visas that a person may qualify for.

8. Adequate Housing

There are many housing choices in Australia.

An essential range of factors such as location and cost are key decision influencers.

Major cities such as Sydney and Perth, amongst others, have townhouses and apartments close to urban activities.

With good research, it is easy to find rental accommodations that are reasonably priced.

Cons of Living in Australia

Despite its booming economy, Australia is not perfect and has its flaws.

Most of the things that make Australia not an ideal place are subjective.

Their magnitude varies from person to person.

Some things that might vary in relevance to different people include.

1. High Cost of Living

Australia may pride itself on having a high standard of living, but this comes at a price.

The living standards for an average income earner are very high, ranking it as one of the most expensive countries to live in.

This expense can be associated with the skyrocketing cost of housing and transportation.

An average cost of living falls between 800 to 1,000 AUD, excluding rent charges.

Food costs have risen sharply, and visitors may be shocked at the exorbitant prices charged.

Most automobiles are imported into the country due to the high cost of local manufacturing, leading to a high cost of purchasing and maintaining.

2. A sense of Isolation

Australia occupies a large mass of 7.693 Square Kilometers, making it very self-contained.

Major cities are spread far apart, and one has to drive hours to get across the cities.

Some towns are so widespread that one may drive for more than half a day just to get to another city.

Additionally, the Australian continent is far from other continents, leading to time differences.

This difference makes it difficult to connect with family and loved ones in other corners of the world.

3. Expensive Healthcare Insurance

Private insurance in Australia has exorbitant prices, depending on the type of policy chosen.

As a result, one forks out thousands of dollars as premiums every year.

Government subsidies are just a drop in the ocean compared to the high cost of medical expenses.

For instance, the Medicare system for all residents does not cater to ambulance services.

4. Extreme Weather Conditions and Natural Disasters

Australia is the land of extremes.

Some parts of the country are scorching, and living in those areas becomes challenging, especially if you have not acclimatized to these weather conditions.

Extreme humidity and temperatures that go beyond 40 degrees Celsius are experienced in some regions.

During winter, areas like Tasmania on the Southside of the country get so cold.

Australia also faces natural disasters like floods, cyclones, drought, and bushfires, making it a scary place to live in.

Hundreds of properties and people’s lives are significantly destroyed when these events occur.

5. Australian Law Allows Creditors to Force You Into Bankruptcy

For example, if you owe more than $10,000 worth of debt and cannot pay your creditors, you will be forced into bankruptcy.

This leads to a loss of assets that will be used to offset the loan partially.

The bankruptcy tenure lasts for three years, and during this period, there are some jobs you cannot work in, and your income return is capped.

6. Racism

Let us address this deep-rooted evil called racism.

It is an existing and growing problem in Australia.

Many people working in different aspects who are either black or not of European origin have reported incidents of racism.

A major survey conducted by ABC found that 76% of Australians from a non – European background have faced racial discrimination based on their ethnicity.

7. Culture Shock and Language Barrier

International visitors may be exposed to different types of transition shock as they adapt to a new environment.

Individuals not possessing good mastery of English will experience a hard time communicating, as this is the primary language used.

In addition, Australians use colorful slang and colloquium, which even a person who knows English may not fully understand this phrases.

8. High Cost of Education for International Students

The high cost of education for international students is due to the high fees international students are required to pay and the high cost of living.

A study done by HSBC revealed that international students spent more than $42,300 on average a year to study in Australian universities.

The reason may be attributed to the government underfunding the higher education sector, which leads to universities over-charging international students to get extra revenue.

The financial demand leads to students opting to work 20 hours a week as stipulated by law to get enough money for tuition and accommodation.

However, in many instances, it is not always sufficient.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

Pros and Cons of Living in Australia – Summary Table

Pros Of Living in AustraliaCons of Living in Australia
1. Outstanding Healthcare System1. High Cost of Living
2. High Living Standards2. A sense of Isolation
3. Climate and Nature3. Expensive Healthcare Insurance
4. Immigration Opportunities and a Multicultural Environment4. Extreme Weather Conditions and Natural Disasters
5. Education System5. Australian Law Allows Creditors to Force You Into Bankruptcy
6. A Low Crime Rate6. Racism
7. Different Work Visas7. Culture Shock and Language Barrier
8. Adequate Housing8. High Cost of Education for International Students

Australia Safety Overview

READ THE FULL REPORT: Australia Safety Review

Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most expensive city in Australia?

Sydney is the most expensive.

It ranks the 15th most expensive city Worldwide.

Product prices are so high that they are almost double the 2nd most expensive city in Australia, Melbourne.

The Eastern suburbs attract high-earning residents.

What is the weather like in Australia?

Australia has a very diverse climate, meaning different regions have different climates.

The best climate weather can be found in Perth, which has the highest average temperature at 30.4 degrees.

Most Northern cities experience warm climates.

However, coastal regions around Sydney experience mild winters, and during summer, they are hot.

Which cities are the best for immigrants?

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Hobart, among others, are some of the best cities for immigrants to live in.

They have a diverse and vibrant culture and provide immigrants with work and educational opportunities.

How safe is Australia?

Australian cities are very secure and safe.

Cities like Sydney and Melbourne have been ranked as 4th and 8th safest cities in the world in the Safe Cities Index 2021 by the Economic Intelligence Unit.

What is the cost of studying in Australia?

The cost of your education in Australia will depend on the type and course selected.

On average, the cost of studying in Perth is AUD 40730.

This is just the cost associated with tuition yearly.

16 Comments on 16 Pros and Cons of Living in Australia

  1. L
    Lydia Nkalodzwa says:

    I want to find a job in Australia

    1. I wouldn’t come to Australia unless you are able to find a place to live in. Australia is in a severe housing and rental crisis, the medical system is broken and crime is high.

  2. Unemployment is 3.5% March 2023, if you are under 40 and have a degree, come on down!

      1. Please don’t trouble yourself. Australia is not that good.
        High crime, A severe lack of suitable and affordable housing, a collapsed medical system. Don’t be fooled into coming to Australia only to find yourself suffering!

        1. B
          Britney says:

          Yes, our crime rates have increased a little. Yes, we have the most dangerous wildlife the world has ever seen. And yes, our housing prices are high, but that’s what makes us… well, us. You’re lucky our crime rates aren’t as bad as America’s crime rates. We ban guns here, they’re illegal unless you have a proper filed reason agreed by the government or for a job like a policeman/policewoman. Our shootings are a lot lower than most believe to be true. Also, our medical healthcare system is actually very good. We give people healthcare for free when it’s a severe case like giving birth or being taken by ambulance, the only time you’d need to pay is for small issues like feeling sick or blood tests, or just for medication. We are a great country, don’t force people to stay away just because you’re afraid of our wildlife or unable to pay for a home here. We are a beautiful country, and I know even you can’t deny that.

  3. D
    David Harrison says:

    There are some pros here that are definitely not correct!
    1. The healthcare system is largely broken across Australia today.
    2. Crime is most definitely not low in Australia, with shooting, muggings, stabbings and break ins occurring nearly daily!
    3. A lack of suitable and affordable housing thats pushed many people into homelessness or unsuitable housing conditions. Australia’s housing is not stable and it is well known that Australia is in a severe housing crisis.
    Thanks for letting me correct your mistakes and bringing the truth to your readers.

    1. 100% , Housing crisis is getting worse.

    2. A
      Anonymous says:

      To reply on your comments;
      Yes there is a housing crisis, but it is not yet real bad. Lot of other countries also have this problem.
      Health care has gone backwards, but it is still miles better than most first world countries
      Crime is up, its a fact. Compare this with America, Canada, Europe etc. You would find this is minor compared to the rest of the world.
      These are facts, look it up. Start traveling and communicate with the local population and not travel agents and the nice save tourist attractions.
      Australian people do not know how good they have it. So easy to complain.
      This is a country that still provides save living, freedom to move, free speech and work.

  4. J
    JD KlaiBix says:

    Ok be real in convincing people because we don’t want to come down and prove you wrong. I have a Bachelor’s degree I’m 24 years old and I look forward to find suitable job in Australia

  5. R
    Rachel Rivas says:

    Also when telling your problems in Australia is not normal to them. You just keep it to yourselves. A lot of Australians have poor mental health due to also not many pychologist. Therefore there are many risky attitude can be seen here.

  6. B
    Britney says:

    As an Australian, I would recommend coming to visit despite the cons. Yes, we have the most dangerous animals known to human-kind, and have terrible bushfires in the summer, AND not to mention our crime rates aren’t always best. But at least our crime rate isn’t America high, America has nothing but shootings everywhere all the time. Australia however, makes guns illegal unless you need them for a job or have a proper filed report reason sent to the government to allow access. So the only time you’d see a shooting is if someone either owns a gun, or stole a gun from someone else. And once the police deal with it, they charge the person and ban them from using any guns ever again.

  7. I never went to Australia but it’s such a beautiful country with a good quality of life not run by a dictator. if it wasn’t for the really big spider i would like to live there.good high paid jobs and inflation is everywhere so not worst there.the weather is good.peoples seem friendly.

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