Top 10 Most-Desirable Beaches in Mykonos

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Greece is a popular destination due to its incredible culture and history but also it’s popular because of its gorgeous beaches.

This country can offer you lots of places where you can spend great vacations including pristine island and bright blue sea.

One of the most popular spots is Mykonos island which is full of small towns and quite beautiful beaches.

We’ve prepared for you the list of the best beaches on the Mykonos island.

Traveling, Greece, Mykonos, Beaches, Guide

Platys Gialos Beach

Platys Gialos Beach – it’s a spot on the South West of the island.

This place is one of the best spots in the whole country and there you can enjoy the beautiful golden beach and turquoise waves.

Also, there are lots of bars, shops, hotels and restaurants around the area.

Moreover, it’s easy to get to Mykonos city or to the nearby beaches by bus.

Greece, Mykonos, Platys Gialos

Elia Beach

Elia Beach is the longest one on the whole island and there are lots of interesting things to do.

You should know that there are a bunch of spots where nudists can have a sunbath.

Of course, there are many other spots that aren’t clothing-optional.

Keep in mind that this place isn’t so well build-up as other spots but still, you can enjoy its breathtaking nature.

Elia Beach is great for those who want to relax a little in a peaceful place.

Greece, Mykonos, Elia

Kalo Livadi

Kalo Livadi is an isolated beach on the southeastern part of the island.

Also, it’s quite away from the main city of Mykonos.

Kalo Livadi is known as one of the biggest spots on the island and it’s really popular among famous and rich people.

If you are going on a trip with your family, Kalo Livadi is an ideal option as the sea there is really calm and warm.

There you can have some joyful and relaxing time lying on a lounge chair under the shade of an umbrella.

Greece, Mykonos, Kalo Livadi

Psarou Beach

Psarou Beach is the trendiest place on the Mykonos island.

It’s a perfect spot for those who want to have some active vacations as there are lots of water activities.

Just keep in mind that during the season there are lots of tourists so it’s better to make a reservation beforehand.

One of the great points is that there are lots of bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, and hotels.

Greece, Mykonos, Psarou Beach

Ornos Beach

Ornos Beach is known as the best destination for families on the island.

There are lots of amazing spots where you can try some local food, have a swim, relax on the beach and have fun.

Considering the fact that this place isn’t so much crowded as others, at Ornoc Beach you can spend some relaxing and peaceful time away from the crowd.

Greece, Mykonos, Ornos Beach

Fokos Beach

Do you want to spend some time in paradise?

Then Fokos Beach with its beautiful view, warm water, and calm atmosphere is a perfect choice for you.

It’s a really quiet place which is great for those who want to have some peaceful time.

The only point is that it’s hard to get there as you can reach only by private transport.

Also, there aren’t many attractions there but you can enjoy some local culture at Fokos.

Greece, Mykonos, Fokos Beach

Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach is one other great option for those who like parties and nightlife.

It is located not far from Mykonos Town.

There you can enjoy the sparkling blue sea and white sand.

Also, there are always lots of people and many parties are held at Paraga Beach constantly.

Moreover, the spot is full of hotels, clubs, bars, and restaurants.

Greece, Mykonos, Paraga Beach

Agios Ioannis Beach

Dreaming about quiet and peaceful vacations at the beach?

You should head to the Agios Ioannis Beach on the South West of Mykonos island.

It’s not so far from the capital city but still, it’s almost on the other side of the island.

This place is known as the most charming and vibrant place on the whole island and it’s popular among people who like water activities.

Greece, Mykonos, Agios Ioannis Beach

Super Paradise Beach

We suppose that after seeing the name of this spot you’ve already understood what this place looks like.

Super Paradise Beach is really close to Mykonos Town and you can get there by boat from Paraga or Paradise Beach.

It’s an absolutely exciting and cool place where you can enjoy local nature.

You can have a lot of fun there spending time at the best bars and clubs.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are only few restaurants and hotels.

Greece, Mykonos, Paradise Beach

Lia Beach

Lia Beach – it’s a small place on the South of Mykonos island.

You should know that this place is hard to get in there is no opportunity to go there by public transport.

Nevertheless, you for sure need to visit it and try local food and enjoy water activities.

It’s a quiet place with calm blue water so you can relax at the beach or have some fun and try scuba diving.

Greece, Mykonos, Lia Beach

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