10 Fascinating Facts About Amish Living

Amish house in Wisconsin

There are lots of people who for sure heard about Amish people.

If you aren’t one of them, this article will be very interesting for you.

Here, we’ve collected some useful facts about these people.

If you want to learn who are Amish people, here is a short description for you.

The Amish are a traditionalist Christian based community with a common lifestyle: simple living, plain dress, and no technology.

Amish people are very unique and to understand them you probably need to live with them at least for a little.

Amish Families Matter

Amish family
Amish family

Usually, Amish families are very big with lots of children.

The reason is that their church doesn’t allow them to use any form of birth control.

Children help parents around their farms from their early ages.

Most families have their own farms but some may have other types of business.

Amish people are famous for their canned food, unique cuisine, and great carpentry work.

Amish Can Speak English But They’d Rather Speak Their Dialect

While most Amish people know English pretty well, they prefer using Pennsylvania Dutch.

This dialect was introduced by German immigrants who came there in the 17th century.

All Amish people are obliged to know both languages so German is mandatory in local schools.

Most books, as well as the bible used by Amish people, are in German so it is very important to know this language.

Horse Cars Rule

A horse and a carriage
A horse and a carriage

Cars are a common way to get from one place to another in the modern world so we can get fast almost anywhere.

However, Amish people are prohibited to use cars or any other transport means that use electricity.

They use Horse buggies as their main daily transportation.

Children usually use wooden skateboards as bicycles are prohibited because they have pedals.

If there is a necessity to travel long distances, Amish use boats, and trains and never plains

Home Sweet Home Amish Style

A horse in front of a house
A horse in front of a house

Amish houses are traditional American houses that have normal furniture and country style decorations.

The point is that there is no electricity in the houses and people use gas stoves and wooden ovens.

Most houses have a huge free space in the basement.

It is used for community masses that are held every Sunday.

Despite the points mentioned above, Amish houses are similar to ours and there are even trampolines for kids.

You Can Be An Amish And Still Be Trendy

Amish people usually wear clothes that look the same and differs only in colors.

All the clothes suit the Amish lifestyle and usually, it is demure and pretty simple.

Speaking of shoes, most Amish people like Adidas tennis shoes that they wear every day.

They think that these shoes aren’t only comfortable but also cool and trendy.

Amish Have Their Own Schools

One other fact is that there are no regular schools in the Amish community and their children attend Amish schools.

Usually, these schools have strict rules and don’t accept “English” people.

A common classroom is a huge room with a wood stove and lots of flowers.

There are kids of all ages but each student has their own assignment according to their knowledge and skills.

During breaks, students gather in the yard where they play different games such as baseball.

Rumspringa, A Chance Of Going Wild

The education is completed when children reach the age of 14 and complete the 8th grade.

After it begins rumspringa that can be translated as “running around”.

It lasts for 2 years and during this period kids are allowed to use various gadgets, electronic instruments, the Internet, and modern vehicles.

Also, they can wear any clothes they want without restrictions.

During this time teens can go wild and experience lots of new things before they commit to their religion.

It is considered as a great opportunity to explore the world and reconsider their religion.

At the end of Rumspringa, about 90% of teens return to their community and get baptized.

What Happens After Rumspringa?

Rumspringa is not only about exploring the world but also coming closer to others and discovering love.

After teens get baptized, most of them get married pretty soon and start their adult life.

In other words, Amish get married and give birth to kids pretty early.

The Amish Are World Travelers

Amish carriage
Amish carriage

It may sound surprising but Amish like traveling very much.

Of course, they cannot use modern transport means but it doesn’t stop them at all.

In fact, they can travel pretty far from their home just using ships and trains.

What We All Should Learn From The Amish

Most people think that Amish don’t accept outsiders but the truth is that it is absolutely wrong.

These people are very friendly, open-hearted and welcoming.

They like to communicate with others so be ready for numerous questions about your life.


Also, they gladly party with their friends and relax.

It means that most stereotypes about Amish people are only stereotypes.

People are people, no matter where they are from, which God they preach to or how they dress.

Whether you are Amish or not, we have emotions, thoughts, desires, and interests.

The truth is that there are no exceptions.

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