10 Best Beaches in Croatia

Updated On October 4, 2023

If sparkling blue water, brilliant white sand or pebble beaches, and access to some of Europe’s most beautiful countryside are of interest to you, Croatia is an excellent destination for your travel plans.

Long renowned among European travelers and vacationers, the Republic of Croatia borders the Adriatic Sea and offers visitors a diverse geography to explore, including spectacular beaches.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this coastline stand out.

Best Beaches in Croatia

Zlatni Rat Beach
Zlatni Rat Beach

1. Zlatni Rat Beach, Brac Island 

Often referred to as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn because of its unique shape, Zlatni Rat Beach on the southern coast of Croatia is a popular destination for many.

As part of Croatia’s push for increased tourism, Zlatni Rat became a recognizable image for vacationers throughout Europe.

The location is also a popular destination for windsurfers, as strong, consistent winds from the east side of the beach fuel the activity. 

Things to Do

  • Enjoy the smooth white pebble beaches and crystal-clear waters as you catch some rays and enjoy the scent of the pines wafting through the air.  
  • Practice your windsurfing moves as you float over the Adriatic Sea. 
  • Visit nearby bol for food and drinks, or explore Vidova Gora for a picturesque view. 
Lopar Peninsula
Lopar Peninsula

2. Lopar Peninsula, Rab Island 

With miles of beautiful golden sand beaches, Lopar Peninsula, located on Rab Island, is a wonderful destination for families and couples.

In particular, Paradise Beach offers a half-moon-shaped coastline that is covered in soft sand.

The beaches of Lopar have gradually deepening waters, which are perfect for smaller children.

Other secluded cove-type beaches are scattered around the peninsula, as well. 

Things to Do

  • Take a boat tour of Rab and the surrounding islands off the coast to find some of the hidden beaches. 
  • Enjoy many of the available local activities, such as pedal boats, beach tennis, volleyball, snorkeling, and riding mopeds or motorcycles through the town. 
  • Visit Sahara and Ciganka beaches, where clothing is optional, if you’re so inclined. 
Zrće Beach
Zrće Beach

3. Zrće Beach, Pag Island 

If you’re looking for a party, Zrće is the place to be.

Throughout the island of Pag, the nightlife is a huge draw.

At Zrće Beach, the party isn’t confined to just the night, as many festivals and events will run on a 24-hour schedule.

Even weekend visitors and revelers have their pick of numerous high-energy clubs, all located on Zrće Beach.

Some clubs have even been built out into the water to give attendees a true sand, sound, and sea experience. 

Things to Do

  • Besides the nightlife, Zrće Beach and Pag Island have amazing cuisine options available. 
  • Enjoy local and award-winning cheeses, olive oils, and wines from Pag Island and the surrounding Croatian islands.
  • As one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic Sea, Zrće Beach is excellent for sunbathing. 
Banje Beach, Dubrovnik 
Banje Beach, Dubrovnik

4. Banje Beach, Dubrovnik 

If you’re looking for a beach location with lots of adult amenities, Banje Beach is a great choice.

Numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants are located on or near the beach, so it’s not difficult to find refreshments.

Banje also offers some interesting historical context, as Old Town and much of the surrounding area feature historical monuments, ancient structures, or cultural markers.

Of course, the beaches also supply visitors with beautiful views and various activities to keep them entertained. 

Things to Do

  • Take a kayak tour of Lokrum Island and the Dubrovnik City Walls. 
  • Embark on a Game of Thrones walking tour of Dubrovnik to see where the show was filmed in the city. 
  • Enjoy a sunset zip line ride followed by some delicious local wines. 
Koversada Beach
Koversada Beach

5. Koversada Beach, Vrsar 

Another of Croatia’s beautiful blue water beaches, Koversada Beach and Naturist Camp cater to au-natural vacationers.

Of course, you don’t have to go nude, but pretty much everyone else around you will be, to some extent.

The beaches of Koversada feature Croatia’s signature small, smooth gravel, as well as a manmade sand beach and some other more rocky areas, too.

There are lots of secluded coves along the beaches to slip off into, as well, if you’re a bit more modest. 

Things to Do

  • Explore Vrsar and Lim Fjord on a boat cruise, followed by refreshments and drinks. 
  • Go dolphin watching on a wooden pirate boat tour around Vrsar. 
  • Plan a scuba diving trip off the coast of Vrsar. 
Dubovica Beach
Dubovica Beach

6. Dubovica Beach, Hvar Island 

A popular destination for a number of celebrities like George Clooney, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and Prince Harry, Hvar Island is also somewhat of a hidden gem.

Dubovica Beach is definitely one of the more well-known beaches here, but many other beaches and hidden coves are dotted along Hvar’s coastline. 

Things to Do

  • Take a private guided boat tour of Hvar’s southern coast and beaches, Red Rocks, and Pakleni Islands. 
  • Explore the islands in a classic VW Bug.
  • Take a self-guided e-bike tour of Hvar. 
Sakarun Beach
Sakarun Beach

 7. Sakarun Beach, Dugi Otok 

Looking for a calm, shallow beach to relax and soak in the sun?

Sakarun Beach is exactly what you need.

One of the more famous beaches of Dugi Otok, Sakarun, and the surrounding coastline offers pristine sand and turquoise water for beachgoers.

Garnering the nickname of “the Caribbean of the Adriatic”, Sakarun beach and its accompanying bay are also ideal for docking boats, as the square shape offers protection from the wind and currents. 

Things to Do

  • Due to its rugged landscape, exploring Dugi Otok is often best achieved by walking or hiking. 
  • Sakarun Beach features a number of cafes and beachside bars, perfect for enjoying refreshments as the sun sets. 
  • Visit Telašćica Nature Park at the southern end of Dugi Otok. 
Brela Beach, Makarska 
Brela Beach, Makarska

8. Brela Beach, Makarska 

With a 10 km promenade along the water, Brela Beach is perfect for long walks without setting foot in the sand.

Pine trees provide shade as you walk, and the path leads you past lots of bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Although the beaches can be crowded in the summer months, most visitors find plenty of space to spread out on the beaches.

Plus, many of the beach areas are separated by rocky outcroppings, so they can feel like private alcoves, made just for you and your company. 

Things to Do

  • Visit the Biokovo Skywalk and Nature Park on a guided tour. 
  • Explore the area of Makarska on an ATV safari. 
  • Visit the world-famous Brela Stone, a national symbol of Brela and Croatia.
Stiniva Cove
Stiniva Cove

9. Stiniva Cove, Vis Island

Surrounded by steep cliff walls, Stiniva Cove features an iconic beach with a narrow water entrance.

As the furthest inhabited island of Croatia, Vis offers visitors a serene atmosphere with some choice amenities.

Experience authentic Dalmatian cuisine, stay in a beachside villa, or sample some of the local wines and spirits at one of the authentic Croatian taverns on the island. 

Things to Do

  • Spend the day taking a boat tour of the island and surrounding waters. 
  • Explore the rich historical heritage of Vis and Croatia through stone fortresses and churches.
  • Experience the natural beauty of one of the most well-preserved islands in the Mediterranean. 
Molat Island
Molat Island

10. Hidden Beach, Molat Island

For those searching for a quiet and secluded natural island, Molat is an excellent choice.

Situated in the northern part of the Zadar Archepelligo and Dalmatia, Molat Island is covered with pines and maquis, a short, scrubby evergreen underbrush.

Many visitors find the secluded beaches and natural landscape to be a welcome break from more populous locations.

In fact, the entire island only has a population of approximately 250 citizens. 

Things to Do

  • Plan an eco-tourism hike around the island and identify native plant and animal species. 
  • Discover the hidden beaches of Molat on a SUP. 
  • Climb the limestone outcroppings on the island.

Croatia Safety Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which beach in Croatia has the clearest water?

Although numerous locations throughout Croatia have beautiful examples of crystal-clear water, Sakarun Beach is regularly considered to be one of the most spectacular examples of clear blue water.

What is the most beautiful seaside town in Croatia?

With so many stunning and picturesque seaside towns, it’s hard to settle on just one.

When asked, visitors and locals alike will point to Rovinj on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsula.

Can you swim on Croatia's beaches?


Many beaches feature beautiful shallow waters, perfect for swimmers of all ages.

Plus, the beauty and clarity of the water mean no hidden surprises lurking below the surface.

How expensive is Croatia?

Compared to other similar locations around the world, Croatia is quite reasonable.

Most lodging ranges between $60 to $150 for a room, per night.

Food and other travel expenses will depend on your individual tastes, but the average price for a couple on a 7-day trip is just over $2700.

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