Outdoor and Adventure Vacations for Newbies

A hiker on a rock

There’s nothing like a free, adventurous vacation in nature.

You can go fishing by a mountain lake, relaxing near your tent with your gang of friends or just hike the weekend away while breathing fresh, crisp air and then stargaze at night by a campfire.

The call for outdoor adventures is undoubtedly a great one and there is nothing like the excitement of an upcoming trip.

A Forest Path
A Forest Path

We have created a list that explains the basics any outdoor adventurer needs to know when it comes to this kind of dream holiday.

You will learn why outdoor adventures are so special, what should you pack, where should you go, and how to make sure you can relax and enjoy the wonderful landscapes on your next trip.

Why Outdoor Adventures?

First of all, it is an untypical, fantastic way to get out of your daily “cubicle” and try out something alternative when it comes to traveling and leisure time.

Let’s see all the reasons that support this claim.

Out of the Comfort Zone

Try not to stick to the brochures and the internet tips but to explore and find something you haven’t experienced by now.

Canyons, national parks, deserts, seas, rivers, and mountains, there is so much out there to see!

All you have to do is pick a new trail that will keep you away from civilization a bit and head off to new adventures.


Her Majesty- Nature

It is important to explore the world of nature not only in order to enjoy but also to understand its power and the desperate need for its protection as a complex ecological system that is under a big threat at the moment.

When you choose a vacation outdoors, you get closer to nature and understand the importance of endangered species and disappearing ecosystems.

Seeing nature in its raw, untouched form is the greatest lesson of them all.

Visit a national park and think about the reasons while these are preserved all around the world as some of our world’s greatest treasures.

Mute On- World On

Take a break from your everyday hustle and turn your phone off.

Sounds hard?

What if we tell you that just an hour of phone/ internet time off can improve your cognition and memory abilities in the long run?

Try to unplug and tune into a conversation with your friends or family, not checking your phone for 2-3 hours and feel how calmer you become day after day if sticking to this routine.

Beach View
Beach View


You don’t really have to DO anything.

You can just breathe the fresh air, stretch under the sun and enjoy the views that will heal your body and soul, eliminating stress and disturbance on a daily basis//

Where to Go?

There are numberless options when it comes to this type of travel.

You can plan your outdoor excursions either in the Brazilian Amazon, in the mountainous region of New Zealand, the Moroccan deserts, or the vast Red Sea.

Follow your spirit a pick a place that you want to explore!

In case you are not up for a world-traveling, then consider some of the best natural places in the US, like skiing in the Rockies, visiting the Grand Canyon, or sailing on the Louisiana Bayou.

If you have your own gang of fellow adventurers, we recommend you making a cross-country trip and visiting all the national parks along the way.

Sunbeds at the beach
Sunbeds at the beach

Where to Stay?

We know that safe and convenient accommodation is the priority of any travel, even when it comes to outdoor adventures.

Therefore, we would like to help you find nices places to stay while you are traveling and exploring.

Regardless of your chosen destination, we always strive toward helping you find what you need.

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