Advice on How Mature People Can Find a Travel Companion

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Although the recent COVID-19 situation has curtailed foreign business trips and vacations, the rolling out of inoculations has meant we are finally starting to see the light at the tunnel’s end.

If you are contemplating booking a holiday to a country that has re-opened its borders, do you fall into the category of an older person who is seeking a travel companion?

Mature people have access to many options when it comes to connecting with others sharing their globetrotting aspirations.

Here’s some advice on how mature single people who don’t want to travel alone can find interested parties.

If You Need a Mature Travel Lover – Keep Your Mind Open and Go Online

The major difference between offline and online matchmaking is the latter offers the best way of finding all about someone’s personality and interests.

If you’re an older single and seeking partner for romance and travel, your options are fairly restricted if you go down the route of socializing in bars.

But the moment you sign up to a mature singles dating site for this purpose, you can start browsing through profiles of like-minded individuals.

Check out the personal details other members have listed.

Because dating platforms are so popular, by the law of averages, you are pretty much guaranteed to come across someone interesting who has stated their preference for foreign vacations.

The online environment is perfect for developing a rapport, giving you the confidence to suggest hooking up for an exciting global adventure.

Ways to Find a Travel Companion

The two easiest and fastest ways are dating sites and travel portals.

Dating sites

You can combine two pleasant and useful things together – finding both a romantic partner and a travel partner.

And online dating is perfect for this because modern platforms have a large number of search options, not limited to exclusively local or mature dating.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose those search settings that are right for you, and immediately start communicating with the selected match.

Just follow the simple steps to find a mature and experienced companion:

  • Upload a welcoming profile photo –  If you take the time to post a positive profile image, you will attract so much more attention from the other site users. A plus would be to add a photo from your last trip – travel lovers will definitely appreciate it. Soon potential travel companions will be queuing up to make your acquaintance!
  • Prepare an intriguing personal description – Keep in mind that mature singles browsing through dating profiles have access to such a treasure trove of talent they’ll likely have a limited attention span. So it makes sense to home in on particularly interesting life stories. Think of pertinent aspects of your travel background and use these as summaries. Anyone alighting in your profile should be intrigued and compelled to find out more about you.
  • Develop a rapport – Then it’s up to the little. You can base interaction on compatibility, swiftly embarking on a journey to connect with those individuals ticking your boxes – mature singles who are keen on sightseeing! You can introduce yourself in the chat room facility and strike up conversations with potential candidates for the vacancy of your ideal companion for your next foreign trip!

Travel portals

There are many travel portals where single adventurers are looking for a travel companion.

Usually, the destination and approximate dates are determined, you can view and select the ads of those people with whom you have the same tastes for the trip.

Ask yourself how you see your upcoming trip:

  • What place would you like to visit?
  • Where would you like to stay – in a luxury all-inclusive hotel or in a secluded bungalow on the beach?
  • Maybe you are attracted by the yoga retreat?
  • For how many days do you want to escape from the routine of everyday life?

The more accurately you answer your desires, the easier it will be to decide on the choice of a travel companion.

Also remember that there are travel operators who send people on group tours if you want to be not just in the company of a like-minded person, but a whole community of kindred spirits.

In Addition

What else to look for when choosing a partner for a joint trip? 

Given the global pandemic that has imposed tight travel restrictions over the past months, perhaps one of the most important aspects of selecting a partner should be considering their medical history.

Although countries are now moving towards a more flexible approach, with the USA opening its borders to vaccinated visitors, don’t forget to care about your health.


Of course, much as we can advise on the best options for connecting with a traveling companion, many matures are still drawn to the idea of seeing the world on their own.

Solitary holidays are hardly unique, and some do enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of busy thoroughfares to seek solitude and tranquility.

But perhaps you would much rather have someone to share in the pleasure of visiting renowned destinations, not to mention a love interest to relax with at the end of a busy day.

If that’s the case, follow our guidance about connecting with a compatible companion.

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