5 Best Elk Hunting Backpacks

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Badlands 2200Badlands 2200
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Eberlestock TeamEberlestock Team
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Badlands SuperdayBadlands Superday
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ALPS OutdoorZ CommanderALPS OutdoorZ Commander
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Horn Hunter Full Curl System BackpackHorn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack
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Elks can be difficult to hunt, and to be successful you have to get a lot of patience and good gear.

Most serious elk hunters debate for years about what is the best elk hunting backpack?

Here is the list of top five you can go through and find your top pick.

Check the reviews and learn more about elf hunting and appropriate backpacks in the guide below.


Badlands 2200

Badlands 2200
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The Badlands hunting backpack is the winner for so many reasons.

It has a ThermoMold padding system, which simplifies carrying and stuffing the backpack.

Moreover, it even includes a rifle mount on one side.

The chest compressions straps keep the backpack in place and help distribute the weight well and protect your center of gravity.

The top of the backpack is waterproof, and the two-liter hydration pouch is easily accessible.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable construction
  • ThermoMold reduces fatigue
  • Include a Meat Shelf
  • Large22.5 liter volume


  • Not completely waterproof
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

With Badlands, you cannot go wrong.

The backpack comes with a lifetime warranty, so if it gets damaged, you can always get a replacement.

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Eberlestock Team

Eberlestock Team
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The Eberlestock hunting pack is great if you need to bring more gear.

The M5 tactical elk hunting backpack is designed with elk hunters in mind and has convenient front and top load spots.

Because of the multiple access points on the backpack, it is easy to have all your gear within hand reach.

I also like the hydration pouch on the side.

The ultra-padded straps are comfortable and reduce the pressure from your lumbar parts to ensure you are always in the mood for hunting.

The backpack offers an impressive volume of 50 liters.

Despite not having a meat shelf, the backpack offers plenty of storage space.


  • Impressive storage space
  • Two loading points
  • Pockets for hydration packs
  • Quiet
  • Durable


  • The chest straps aren’t very durable
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Eberlestock backpack is large and spacious.

It is also well-designed to ensure you can reach everything you want easily.

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Badlands Superday

Badlands Superday
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The Superday pack by Badlands offers plenty of storage space without being huge and uncomfortable to wear.

The backpack has a 32-liters capacity, well-organized through the seven pockets and central compartment.

The backstraps take the weight of the back and distribute it evenly to prevent injuries and fatigue.

I also like the waist belt pockets, because of the easy access.

You can store your cell phone or GPS device in those pockets.

The hydration pockets can hold a total of two liters of water.


  • Easy to clean
  • Ultralight when empty
  • Molded frame suspension


  • Better suited for short trips
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

This Badlands backpack is highly practical.

It has logically organized pockets and can store a lot of things.

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ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander
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The ALPS OutdoorZ stands out by its meat shelf.

It also includes a full 180 degrees cushion, that keeps your back without the pressure of carrying a lot of weight on your back.

The backpack is the most comfortable for carrying 45+ pounds of gear, and it has padded shoulder straps.

Additionally, it includes two external packs and a pistol holster.

Interestingly, the empty backpack is a bit heavy, but when you load it up to its full capacity the weight gets evenly distributed.


  • Two miniature compartments for tiny items
  • Lumbar support
  • Hold-open frame
  • Well-positioned rear meat self


  • The suspension system is a bit complex
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The backpack comes in several color options.

I advise you to stay away from coyote brown because it looks similar to the briar style.

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Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack

Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack
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My last recommendation for elk hunting packs is the beast with 90 liters of capacity.

The Horn Hunter backpack can hold everything you need for your hunting trips.

It is a high-quality backpack with H3 tube framing and an internal frame.

The straps are adjustable and have a middle clip to fasten the central section and reduce the strain on your lower lumbar.


  • H3 Tube reduces back strain
  • Suitable for all heights
  • Impressive capacity
  • Side entrance panels


  • Doesn’t come with the frame
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Horn Hunter backpack is huge and high-quality.

But, it is on the heavier side when empty, so you can consider it only if you need that amount of storage space.

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Buying Guide

Let’s discuss the most important questions about elk hunting, gear, packing and hunting itself.

Is Hunting Elks Expensive?

Elks are generally only huntable on private land, and there isn’t a high number of them available.

Therefore, the prices can be as high as $4.500,

The cost can include a six-day stay, or a weekend stay, but it depends on the offer you find.

Additional costs include elk hunting licenses, and elk licensing fees.

The alternative is an elk hunting drop camp.

The camps are less expensive, somewhere between $1.500 and $1.600 and are the best options if you have a group of friends that share the same interests for elks.

Things you Need for An Elk Hunt

Patience and time are the two most important things, because some days you’ll hunt for a full day, and sometimes you’ll need several days.

Next, there is quite a lot you have to prepare for tools and gear.

Don’t forget to bring your license in order and have a plan to get the meat out.

What to Pack for Elk Hunting?

Most of the elk hunting trips last several days, so there are plenty of things to pack.

These include a first aid kit, flashlight, spare batteries, thermos, pot, lighter or matches, hunting knife, rope, water purification system.

Other essentials for hunting are guns and ammo, laser rangefinder, tent, monocular or binoculars. For comfort, don’t forget to pack a camping pillow, hunting toilet, toilet paper.

Don’t forget about emergency ration and portable solar panel, it will be of great use during your camping trip.

Elk Hunting Backpack

Now when you know essential things to pack with you for your elk hunting trip, let’s see how you can pack.

Elk hunting backpacks are practical because they offer plenty of storage for game meat and other things you need for a multiple-day camping trip.

Gun Sling

Don’t be fooled – you cannot hunt an elk with a crossbow.

You need great power, and it always comes with a kickback.

A gun sling holds your riffle and absorbs the blow.

Additionally, stock pads can reduce 70% of the impact from your shoulder.

It will allow you to snap the next shoot soon.

Hunting Boots

Can you go hunting without hunting boots?

I don’t think so.

A good pair of hunting shoes will protect your feet against cold, punctures, mud, water and everything else.


EDC kit needs to be easily accessible.

Therefore, the best placement for the EDC kit is the external pocket of your soft gun case.

The alternative that is just as good is the elk hunting backpack outside pocket.


When choosing an elk hunting backpack, pick the one with a meat shelf, sufficient storage space and camouflage.

There are some great models on the market, with different capacities and quality.

If you carry more weight, check if the backpack has a system that reduces the strain from your back and shoulder, like some of the models from my list.

Which one is your top pick?

How much weight do you usually carry for an elk hunting trip?

Best Overall Choice

Badlands 2200

Best overall choice: Badlands 2200 See on Amazon

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